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New Anthem Health Insurance Plans

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As debate heats up about the rising cost of individual and family health insurance around the country, many carriers are looking at ways to reduce premiums for existing and future insureds.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield recently introduced new coverage options with new benefit designs in order to keep prices affordable. Our agency is proud to offer these new options at no additional cost to you.

Affordable Health Insurance Premiums

The two newest plans are named SmartSense and CoreShare. Both offer larger coinsurance and deductible choices, but also provide comprehensive coverage once the chosen cost sharing numbers have been met. Those who simply need to keep their health insurance premiums affordable can enjoy savings by choosing one of these two plans.
(Editor’s note: As of 2014, Smartsense and CoreShare plans are no longer for sale as they do not offer ACA compliant benefits.)

They are also appropriate if you prefer to self-insure and are comfortable with higher out of pocket expenses.  The SmartSense plans offer limited doctors office visits, while the CoreShare plans do not.  However, both offer prescription drug coverage benefits to the insured.

Optional Benefits With Anthem Blue Cross

Maternity coverage cannot be added to either of the new plans, but dental and life insurance are options.  If you wish to have maternity coverage as part of your overall insurance, then you should inform your agent as it is not automatically included like it would be with group health insurance.

Only the Premier family of plans offers coverage for those who need insurance to cover a future pregnancy.  You cannot already be pregnant and purchase a plan that will cover the pregnancy with Anthem.  Waiting periods for maternity coverage to begin will differ among states.

It is important to note that there are respective waiting periods that must be satisfied before child delivery takes place with any plan.  In you live in Ohio for example, there is a nine month wait to deliver.  In Indiana and Missouri, the wait is twelve months.  Additionally, you cannot already be pregnant and purchase this insurance.

Preventive Care Options With All Insurance

Anthem is known for offering robust preventive care with all of their health policies.  By law, all health plans must cover preventive care as a first dollar benefit.  This means that you will have no copay or coinsurance to meet in order to receive preventive care.

Th federal government has and continues to outline what every major medical plan must cover in terms of preventive care.  Be sure to ask your agent or review the policy to see what would be covered for you and your family.

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The information above is a quick summary designed to spread the word about new cost effective coverage options.  A detailed description of any health insurance benefit package is necessary before purchase.  We have created an online direct portal where our clients can view and compare personal individual and family coverage in an instant.

Please feel free to contact us and we can not only walk you through your options online, but also help to make a suitable recommendation with Anthem or any of our other reputable carriers including Aetna, Assurant Health, Medical Mutual, and United Healthcare.

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