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If you’re in need of short term health insurance coverage, we can help. Our independent agency is licensed direct with several providers. You can click on the links below to view rates and enroll direct or contact us to discuss your best options. There are no additional charges whatsoever to use our services.

We can help you cover gaps from one month to an entire year.  We offer plans with office copays, prescription drug coverage and low deductibles as well as those that are more catastrophic in nature. No matter your short term needs, we can bridge most gaps and keep you covered and insured.

United Healthcare Short Term

  • Several Plan Designs & Choices
  • Affordable Monthly Rates
  • Nationwide Networks
  • Office Copay Options
  • Prescription Drug Coverage

National General Policies

  • Guaranteed Issue Short Term
  • Uses The Aetna Network
  • Nationwide Networks
  • Add-On Supplemental
  • No Underwriting Options

Medical Mutual of Ohio

  • Large Ohio Networks
  • Next Day Effective Dates
  • Up To 6 Months of Coverage
  • $1,000 $2,500 Deductible Options
  • Medically Underwritten Plans

Medically Underwritten & Guaranteed Issue Policies

We offer two types of plans and which one may be best for you will depend on your overall health. Most of our clients can be medically underwritten for a short term health insurance plan. This means they do not have any of the conditions on the application which would prevent them from qualifying for coverage.

For those who might have ongoing health concerns, a guaranteed issue plan can help to bridge gaps in between major medical plans. These types might be appropriate for someone who will soon have group coverage or be a month or two away from Medicare insurance eligibility.

Guaranteed issue short term health insurance usually will not cover any preexisting conditions, but they can insure against the unknown. While all Obamacare plans today cannot exclude preexisting conditions, short term plans still have this right. Either way, we should be able to help you find suitable coverage for your circumstance.

Individual & Family Short Term Health Insurance

Short Term Health Insurance CoverageDepending on where you live, short term health insurance plans can be purchased for as long as 6 months or 1 year. If you are in a state that only allows for a maximum of 6 months, then a new plan will have to be purchased (and qualified for) after the first term is.

It’s very important to note that no short term health plans sold today meet the Obamacare standard of Minimum Essential Coverage. This means that you may still face a tax penalty even if you own one of these policies for a year. Obamacare rules only allow for a minimum of 3 months on a short term plan while avoiding the penalty. If you have coverage any longer than 3 months, you may face a penalty.

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Using our independent agency, you can compare short term health plans and enroll direct in the policy that best suits your needs. Whether you need coverage for only a month, or much longer, we can help. We use several different companies and plan designs to fill gaps so our clients can know they are covered for the unknown.