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Spirit Dental & Vision Insurance

Spirit Dental offers comprehensive dental and vision insurance coverage nationwide. There are several plans to choose with a wide array of benefits and premiums.

There are no waiting periods for many services and coverage can be made effective as early as tomorrow. Use our quoting links to see the best options in your area.

Notable Benefits & Highlights

  • No Waiting Periods
  • Three Cleanings Per Year!
  • Crowns, Implants & Root Canals
  • Coverage For Bridges & Dentures
  • Pays Up To $5,000 Annually
  • Choose Your Own Dentist
  • Hearing Benefits For Seniors
  • VSP & EyeMed Vision Networks
  • Eye Exams & Contacts Fitting
  • Eyeglasses, Frames & Lenses
  • Savings on Lasik Procedures
  • Large Nationwide PPOs

Comprehensive Dental Benefits For Any Budget

Spirit Dental is popular as they offer a wide array of plan choices and benefit packages. Whether you are just looking for something to cover preventive care – or something to help with major services – you’ll have several options.

One benefit that stands out with Spirit is they offer three cleanings per year. Very few insurance companies offer more than two cleanings, so that’s desirable for many of our clients.

Most plans have a lifetime deductible of $50 that only needs to be met once. Basic and major services are covered with no waiting periods with higher tier plans.

Like many traditional dental insurance policies, your benefits will ramp-up from year to year. In other words, annual maximums might start at $1,200 in year one, but increase to $5,000 by year three. And your coinsurance decreases for major services each year. This means Spirit covers more of the cost for things like crowns, root canals and dentures.

In Network Options – Or Use Any Dentist

Like all dental plans, you will usually experience the most savings with an in-network provider. That’s why Spirit offers plans that allow you to use their dentists – or the choice of using any dentist.

You can even nominate your provider to join their network too. There’s a lot of flexibility with their networks.

No Waiting Periods - Immediate Coverage

Spirit Dental Vision InsuranceSpirit Dental (an Ameritas company) has plans designed for individuals, families, children and seniors. We know one size does not fit all.

Oftentimes, children have different dental needs than seniors. And families may want something with a higher yearly maximum. It’s nice to know there are options for everyone.

There are plans covering orthodontics and braces that are designed for families with younger children. These plans will have higher maximums that allow you to plan ahead.

And seniors can choose from plans covering dentures and bridges. In fact, some plans for older adults also include hearing benefits as well.

There are no waiting periods and coverage begins immediately with your acceptance guaranteed. However, it’s always best to enroll ahead of needing major services to get the most out of your policy.

Vision Insurance With Both VSP & EyeMed

With Spirit insurance, you can purchase a combination dental and vision plan together – or a stand alone vision policy separately.

Four vision plans are available in most areas. You can choose from either the EyeMed or VSP networks depending on which one your provider prefers.

Monthly rates are very affordable and range from approximately $12-$16 per month per person. There are no waiting periods for your vision insurance coverage to begin. You can get eye exams, frames and lenses right away.

All plans include low copays for exams and yearly allowances towards frames and lenses. Discounts are available towards Lasik & PRK procedures as well. High tier plans cover contacts and glasses in the same year as well as prescription sunglasses.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Dental & Vision Options

Hyers and Associates is an independent Medicare, life and health insurance brokerage. We work with Spirit Dental, VSP & EyeMed direct.

There are never any extra costs to use our services. Contact us to discuss your best options today!