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Privacy Policy

1) You may browse our site without entering any of your personal information. In this instance, we only collect computer IP addresses anonymously and collectively to monitor our site traffic and diagnose any problems with our server. This helps us to see which parts of our site are visited most often so that we can update and improve our content. We reserve the right to collect cookies in order to assist us in these measures.*

We are committed to maintaining your privacy.

*Cookies are pieces of data sent to computers while they are logged on to our site. Cookies are used to store information about a visit, but in no way reveal any of your personal information.

2) If you request to be contacted about insurance products or insurance planning by entering your information into one of our online forms, then we will do so by phone and/or email per your request. Should you live outside of the states where we offer insurance directly, then we will refer your inquiry to one of our partner agencies or agents. However, we will not share your information with multiple agents, agencies, or marketing groups. We will work hard to help you find one knowledgeable agent or agency licensed in your state of residence who can help you with your insurance needs.

If you find that you do not need any further assistance, please ask us and we will erase your information from our database. (If you specifically request a referral to another professional outside of the insurance industry, such as an attorney or accountant, in some cases we can assist you.)

3) If an individual or individuals attacks our site, we reserve the right to use their IP address to track them in order to prevent further aggression or abuse of our material. We will use any means within the law to find and prosecute those who attempt to hack, sabotage, or interfere with our website.

4) Our site contains links to other, unaffiliated websites. We recommend that you read their privacy statement as they may be different from our policies.

5) We reserve the right to change our privacy policies if needed. We will post any changes immediately.

6) Your online security is our concern. We will make every effort to insure that your secure information is not breached or misused in any way. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us with your inquiries.

Hyers and Associates, Inc Business Disclosure

1) We are not attorneys nor are we accountants. We are an independent insurance agency doing business in several states. The proprietors and/or agents of Hyers and Associates, Inc. cannot give you actionable legal or tax advice. With certain insurance products and/or situations, it is advisable to consult an attorney or an accountant before making a decision. In some cases, we can refer you to an attorney or accountant.