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We offer insurance plans direct from Medical Mutual of Ohio to our clients. MMO offers some of the most comprehensive coverage in Ohio both on and off the exchange. We assist with individual, family and group health insurance, dental & vision coverage, as well as Medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage plans.

Medical Mutual is best known as the provider with the largest network of doctors and hospitals in Ohio. You can rest assured that most providers across the state will accept their insurance. With many carriers now offering smaller networks, MMO members can know they will have a wide range of providers to choose from.

Medical Mutual Quotes

  • Large Ohio Networks
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Short Term Insurance
  • Dental & Vision Options
  • Medicare Supplement & Advantage Plans

Medical Mutual of Ohio Individual & Family Plans

MMO offers a several deductible, copay and coinsurance options to choose from. Bronze and Silver medical plans that are compliant with the Affordable Care Act are available both on the federal exchange and direct. You can only receive a health insurance tax-credit on the exchange, however. We help our clients navigate plans both on and off the Federal Marketplace.

Medical Mutual is unique as they are one of the few carriers to offer the same network of doctors and hospitals when you enroll on the federal (Obamacare) exchange. This is different from many of their competitors who have smaller networks on the federal marketplace. Unfortunately, many people are finding that their doctors don’t accept tax-subsidized plans purchased through the exchange, but this is less of a problem with MMO.

Like all carriers, Medical Mutual offers health insurance that can be coupled with tax-qualified health savings accounts. HSA qualified plans are popular as they typically offer lower premiums, but policyholders must cover more of the incidental expenses in return. HSA contributions can be written off against your income taxes and withdrawn tax-free for qualified medical expenses.

Medicare Supplements & Medicare Advantage Plans

Medical Mutual Medicare InsuranceMedical Mutual also offers very comprehensive Medicare Advantage plans in Ohio. Open Enrollment begins on October 15th and run through December 7th every year for a January 1 effective date.

Outside of this window, enrollees must be new to Medicare or experiencing another Special Enrollment Period. Policies are available in 80 of the 88 counties in Ohio.

Both HMO and PPO plans are offered in most areas of Ohio with some $0 HMO plans available in select counties.

There will be no referrals needed on HMO plans, low out of pocket maximums, comprehensive Part D drug coverage as well as silver sneakers, and dental & vision included on all plans. These Medicare Advantage plans are also popular as they have large networks of doctors and hospitals.

MMO also offer traditional Medicare supplement plans across the entire state of Ohio. Plans A, C, G, F, High Deductible F, and N are all available for purchase. Like all Medicare supplements, no referrals are necessary and you can see any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare. In other words, there are no network restrictions with supplemental policies.

Dental, Vision & Life Insurance From MMO

Several benefit options that can be added to most MMO health and Medicare plans. Most common are dental and vision plans. Both can be purchased separately or on a stand alone basis. One plan does not need to be purchased to be eligible for the other.

Term life insurance is also available in $10,000 increments up to $50K. Children can only be enrolled in $10,000 plans. So long as the applicant(s) is accepted for a health plan, there will be no further underwriting for life insurance coverage. Life policies can stay in force up to age 65 so long as the health plan also remains in-force.

SuperMed One & Farm Bureau Insurance Networks

Medical Mutual boasts the largest network of doctors and hospitals in Ohio. For applicants who travel extensively, MMO has access to large nationwide networks in case of emergency.

Network options have changed for individual and family health plans in 2017. Depending on where you live, you’ll either have an HMO or PPO plan available. Some counties will no longer be served for 2017. Please contact us if you are having trouble finding coverage your doctor(s) accept.

A second option is for those who are already enrolled or new members to the Ohio Farm Bureau. There is a small annual cost to become a member. These plans offer slightly different benefit options than those affiliated with the SuperMed One Network. Typically medical underwriting is a little less stringent through the Ohio Farm Bureau due to its scope and size.

Group Health Insurance From Medical Mutual Of Ohio

Businesses of all sizes are eligible for group coverage in Ohio with MMO. There are several coverage options to choose from and most are competitively priced. Group discounts are available for those who are members or affiliates of certain organizations like COSE and/or a local Chamber of Commerce.

We offer group insurance from Medical Mutual as well as many others. We can help you compare several plans to find the coverage that best protects you and your employees while also keeping costs down. Contact us here to inquire about group health insurance rates and enrollment.

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Hyers and Associates, Inc. is an independent health insurance agency offering coverage in the individual, family, group and senior markets. We quote all plans direct from MMO, so you will not find better rates for the same coverage either online or in person. Contact us today for more information.