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Need Health Insurance For Travel Abroad?

International Travel Health Insurance

Travel Health InsuranceHow do you account for healthcare expenses and/or emergencies while travelling abroad? The fact is most health insurance policies do not cover international travel. You need specialized travel coverage for trips to other countries.

We can help. Our international health policies cover a wide range of benefits for those traveling abroad. They are also designed for those who live abroad, but also need coverage when back in the United States.

We offer policies for individuals, families, students, faculty, expatriates, missionaries, groups, corporations, captains, crews and more.

More About Travel Insurance Policies

You don’t want restrictions on what is and what’s not covered while abroad. A strong policy has no pre-certification requirements and also covers pre-existing conditions. Transportation and medical evacuation are also important. Sometimes the most important feature is simply covering the high costs of transporting a sick or injured individual home – or to a quality healthcare institution nearby.

Furthermore, injuries and illness from terrorist acts need to be covered as well. This is important for missionary, student, and faculty groups who are in less secure parts of the world. And while Covid remains a concern, you want a policy covering testing and treatment while in a foreign country. Our policies do all of the above and more.

Features include:

  • Comprehensive Major Medical Care
  • Accident, Illness, Sickness & Hospitalization
  • Pharmacy Assistance & Prescription Coverage
  • International & Domestic Networks
  • Telemedicine Services
  • 24/7 Concierge Services
  • Transportation & Evacuation Coverage
  • Mental Health Care
  • Language Translation Services
  • Cashless Appointments
  • Covid Testing & Treatment
  • Claims and Payment Assistance
  • Trip Interruption and Baggage Reimbursement

Understanding Your Current Health Coverage

Whether it’s a group, individual or Medicare policy, you likely only have limited health coverage when traveling outside of the U.S. That’s why it’s important to consider a secondary plan to account for unexpected occurrences during long and/or short-term trips abroad.

Travel insurance policies help you access western-trained, English-speaking doctors you can trust with your health and safety. Access to quality care is paramount.

A comprehensive travel policy, like GeoBlue for example, gives you immediate access to concierge health services on demand. Whether it’s telehealth or in-person medical care, one quick call will point you in the right direction.

Short & Long Term International Coverage

International health plans can be purchased for a single trip or multiple trips depending on your needs. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, we have it covered. Accidents, sickness and illness coverage are all built into the policy.

Short term plans can be purchased to cover for a week or more to a single destination while multi-trip plans can cover you if you’re visiting more than one country. We also offer long-term plans for expatriates, boat captains, crew members, missionaries, students, faculty, and those living or working abroad. Whether you need a plan for just a week – or a policy to cover you year round, we can help.

For single and multi-trip plans, you must have an existing major medical plan. ACA, group, short-term, and Medicare coverage would qualify, for example. This ensures that preexisting conditions are covered while you’re abroad.

Long term travel insurance can be purchased that would cover your care abroad and also when you’re back in the United States. This is helpful for those who don’t spend much time in the U.S., but want the option to come home for major services.

Travel, Baggage And Trip Interruption Coverage

We all know there are the occasional hiccups when traveling internationally. Our travel plans cover trip interruptions and also help with baggage and your personal effects.

Policies pay up to $500 for both situations – and up to $100 per personal item. While these policies are primarily designed to cover you for unexpected medical needs, it’s nice to know there are ancillary benefits as well.

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Hyers and Associates is an independent insurance brokerage specializing in major medical insurance. Our travel policies can be tailored in many ways to fit your needs. Whether you’ll be abroad for a short time in one place, visiting several destinations, or living and/or working internationally for an extended period of time – we can help.