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Insurance AdviceIf you are in need of insurance advice, then you are in the right place. We are a multi-line independent insurance agency offering a wide array of life and health products direct to our clients.

The primary advantage of  working with an agency like ours is we offer both unbiased advice and direct quotes from several competing providers all in one place. We are your one-stop shop for quotes and advice.

Benefits Of Using An Independent Insurance Agency

Many agents are captive. This simply means they can only offer you products from one or two insurance companies. If you contact a captive agent, they will only be able to provide quotes and illustrations from their respective employers. This does not give you very much choice.

The nice thing about insurance advice is that it’s free. By law, we cannot charge you for the time, work and insurance advice we provide leading up to any type of transaction. We are not lawyers or accountants. We can’t charge you for phone calls, copies and paper clips.

Our goal is to help you find the insurance that best fits your needs and budget. Maintaining our independence is an integral part of that equation. We want you to be able to compare your best options – whether it’s an annuity, Medicare supplement or health insurance plan.

What About Insurance Agent Commissions?

Almost all insurance agents work on commission – and sometimes a small salary depending on their employer. You will never pay our commissions because those come from the insurance company.

You are always welcome to ask us about our commissions, but you will never pay them to us directly. Commissions do not add to the overall cost of buying life or health insurance. In other words, you cannot avoid them by enrolling direct with your provider of choice.

All Insurance Policy Prices Are Controlled By Law

It is important to understand that insurance prices are controlled by law. It simply won’t matter how or from where you purchase your health, life, dental, vision, long term care and/or Medicare supplement policy.

Whether it’s online, in person, direct from an agent or direct from the insurance company itself – the price will be the exact same with almost all products. In some cases, we can negotiate lower rates for group health insurance policies, but those rates will also be honored for competing agents.

So you cannot easily pit agents against one another in order to find more affordable coverage. Whether it’s an individual, family, or group insurance policy – the chosen carrier will honor the quote regardless of the source.

If you find an independent broker you like, there is really no reason to go agent shopping.  We all offer the same quotes on the exact same insurance from the same company.

The simple advantage is to work with an agent or agency that represents several companies, so that you can compare all of the direct insurance rates in one place. This will be quite a bit easier for you in the long run. Plus, you will have someone to rely on in the future.

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Hyers and Associates Inc. is an independent life and health insurance agency. We will always be happy to help you compare plans and illustrations from several reputable carriers at the lowest cost available. Contact us to speak with an agent today.