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Like all insurance plans, it is important to understand the gaps in any policy you might choose. The gaps in Plan N are reasonable for most and usually do not expose the insured to significant yearly expenses.

There are three gaps with Plan N (when compared to Plan F that fills all gaps) and we will explain the out-of-pocket costs associated with each gap below.

Plan N Medicare Supplement Insurance Has Doctor’s Office Copays

Plan N is unique in that it is the only Medicare supplement that has a doctor’s office copay associated with it. This simply means that doctors can charge you a fixed copay for an office visit. In this way, Plan N is very much like most traditional health plans for those under age 65.

The maximum Plan N copay is $20 for a doctor’s office visit and $50 for the emergency room. These fixed amounts have not increased or decreased since the inception of Plan N in the summer of 2010. The bureaucrats at Medicare (CMS) could always choose to change these numbers in the future. If they do, it will affect all N plans – both new and old.

It’s interesting to note that the doctor’s office copay can be less than $20 depending on certain formulas and coding practices by various healthcare providers. If you visit several doctors on a regular basis, then Plan N may not offer significant savings over a Plan G or Plan F.

Plan N Does Not Cover The Small Medicare Part B Deductible

Like Plans G and D, Medicare supplement Plan N does not cover the Part B deductible. Of the two Medicare deductibles this is the smaller one – Part A is the larger one. Part B applies to doctors visits and out-patient procedures whereas Part A occurrences are for hospital and in-patient procedures.

For 2014, the Part B deductible is only $147 – just like it was in 2013. In 2012, the yearly deductible was $140 and for years 2011 and 2010 it was $162 and $155 respectively. As you can see, it is not a very large number as far as insurance deductibles go.

The risk with Plan N (albeit a slight one) is that Medicare officials would increase the Part B deductible significantly in the future. As this change would affect all Medicare supplement plans both past and present, it would likely be a wash across the board.

In our opinion, it is unlikely the Part B deductible will change drastically for those already enrolled in Medicare. The Part B percentage increase year over year (if there is one) has always been modest and will likely remain that way. The Plan N Medicare supplement appears to be a safe bet when accounting for the Part B deductible.

Plan N Does Not Cover Part B Excess Charges Where Applicable

You would only face Part B Excess Charges if you choose to see a doctor who does not accept Medicare assignment. This could be a doctor who charges more than what is allowed by Medicare. The maximum Part B Excess amount is 15% above what Medicare deems to be normal and customary.

Plan N does not cover Part B excess charges, but these fees are not widely encountered. In some states, like Ohio for instance, Part B excess charges are unallowable. If you are considering Plan N in a state like Ohio, then you need not worry about excess charges at this time.

Should you ask, your doctor will tell you if s/he does not accept Part B Medicare approved amounts. You would then have a choice of finding a doctor that does accept Medicare assignment or paying this cost out of pocket. In most cases, Part B Excess Charges are reasonable when encountered.

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