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We offer United Healthcare insurance (Golden Rule) direct to consumer using our private and secure online portals. You can compare the direct rates an coverage options with all UHC plans online. Insurance law prevents discounting, so these are the lowest rates you can find anywhere online of in person.

By clicking on the logo below, you can immediately and anonymously compare all United Healthcare health insurance offerings. Available options include individual and family health insurance, dental and vision plans, and short term health insurance.

United Healthcare Insurance

  • Affordable Monthly Rates
  • Short Term Health Insurance
  • Nationwide Networks
  • Several Dental & Vision Plans
  • Accident & Illness Coverage

United Healthcare Health Insurance Quotes Online

United Healthcare (through their subsidiary Golden Rule) also offers several extra riders and supplemental benefits to choose from. These additional coverage options can be quoted along with most health plans and be added on during the application process.

Available health insurance riders from United Healthcare include:

  • Four Different Dental Insurance Plans
  • Two Vision Insurance Plans
  • Maternity Coverage On All Plans
  • Supplemental Accident Benefits
  • Primary Accidental Death Benefits
  • Term Life Insurance Coverage
  • Office Copay Options
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Short Term Health Insurance Plans
  • Several Deductible and Coinsurance Options

United Healthcare Insurance Vanishing Deductible

United Healthcare InsuranceUnited Healthcare insurance plans also offer a vanishing deductible feature.  If the chosen deductible amount has not been reached each year, then it will automatically decrease for that individual or family member.

In some cases, it can decrease by as much as half. If you are comfortable choosing a higher deductible to keep your rates lower, then the vanishing deductible can be financially advantageous over time.

Health plans with a vanishing deductible were offered before the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. It is unclear whether United Healthcare will be able to offer them on ACA plans in the future.

And at this time, UHC is not offering health insurance plans on the federal exchange website. This may change in 2015, but as of now, UHC insurance must be purchased off exchange through agencies like ours.

UHC Critical Illness, Accident and Injury Insurance

Additionally, United Healthcare offers accident and illness coverage on a stand alone basis. There are several plans to choose from with each type of plan and premiums will vary depending on the amount of insurance selected.

As you would expect, preexisting injuries and illnesses are not covered under any plan. Individual benefits can be purchased that would cover or payout a maximum of $50,000 per incident and/or illness however.

Typically accident plans are purchased for young families with active children while critical illness insurance might be for someone who is older with a history of illness in the family.

Neither of these plans are necessarily a substitute for a short or long term disability insurance plan; rather they fill a gap for those who wish to protect against future unknowns.

Individual and Family Health Insurance Quotes

We provide our online United Healthcare insurance portal free of charge for those who simply wish to compare plans and/or enroll online and direct without agent assistance.  If you would like to speak with a health insurance broker, please feel free to call the toll-free number listed on the top right of this page.

Speaking with an agent or using an agent’s assistance for enrollment purposes will not add any additional cost to your plan.  Golden Rule health insurance rates are the same regardless of your enrollment method.  The cost will be the exact same whether you purchase insurance directly from the carrier using our link above or if you request agent assistance.