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United Healthcare insurance (Golden Rule) offers health insurance and ancillary products both on and off the Federal Marketplace. Some states will have both depending on where you live.

With our independent brokerage, you can immediately compare all United Healthcare offerings in your area. Available options include individual and family health insurance, dental and vision coverage, short term health insurance plans, telehealth, accident, illness and fixed indemnity policies.

UHC Plans & Benefits

  • Short Term Health Insurance
  • Nationwide PPO Networks
  • Dental & Vision Plans
  • Telehealth Coverage
  • Fixed Indemnity Plans
  • Accident & Illness Coverage

Quotes Online Or Through A Broker

United Healthcare (through their subsidiary Golden Rule) offers several extra riders and supplemental benefits to choose from. These additional coverage options can be quoted along with most health plans. They can also be purchased on stand-alone basis as well.

Available health insurance riders from United Healthcare include:

  • Several Dental Insurance Plans
  • Two Vision Insurance Policies
  • Telehealth Coverage
  • Supplemental Accident Benefits
  • Primary Accidental Death Benefits
  • Term Life Insurance Coverage
  • Fixed Indemnity Health Plans
  • Office Copay Options
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Short Term Health Insurance Plans
  • Several Deductible and Coinsurance Options

United Healthcare Short Term Health Insurance

UHC short term health insuranceUnited Healthcare is known for offering some of the most comprehensive short term health insurance plans offered today.

Most plans can be purchased to cover at least a year. And some go up to three years with no need for additional medical underwriting.

Policies will cover up to two million per insured for the term you choose. There are several deductible and coinsurance options to meet your needs and budget.

UHC short term plans cover almost all major events you would expect them to, like: Accidents, illnesses, hospitalizations, office visits, urgent care, etc. They don’t cover maternity however, so they aren’t appropriate for those looking to cover a pregnancy. And they are medically underwritten. You can be turned down for poor health. Those with preexisting conditions are usually better off purchasing plans on the Marketplace.

Accident, Illness, Hospitalization & Fixed Indemnity

Additionally, United Healthcare offers accident and illness coverage on a stand alone basis. There are several plans to choose from with each type of plan and premiums will vary depending on the amount of insurance selected.

As you would expect, preexisting injuries and illnesses are not covered under any plan. Individual benefits can be purchased that would cover or payout a maximum of $50,000 per incident and/or illness however.

Typically accident plans are purchased for young families with active children while critical illness insurance might be for someone who is older with a history of illness in the family.

Neither of these plans are necessarily a substitute for a short or long term disability insurance plan; rather they fill a gap for those who wish to protect against future unknowns.

Dental, Vision And Telehealth Coverage

UHC offers very popular dental and vision plans. There large PPO network of over 70,000 dentists covers much of the United States. Policies have no age limits.

In most areas, there are four or more plans to choose from with a wide array of benefits. All plans will cover routine cleanings and x-rays. Moving up from there, you’ll see coverage for basic services like cavities to major services like bridges, crowns and root canals. Still other policies will cover orthodontics and braces.

Yearly benefit maximums will depend on the plan you select. Most start as $1,000 maximum per year, but others can go up to $2,000 or more depending on your needs.

More About Telehealth Coverage

This stand-alone benefit can be added to any plan or purchased on its own. This is a great feature to have for those who want the ability to check in with doctors virtually. The monthly premiums are small, but the benefit is very helpful when you need a consultation while travelling or away from your regular facilities.

Individual and Family Health Insurance Quotes

We provide United Healthcare insurance quotes and enrollment free of charge. There is no additional cost to use our enrollment portals – or to speak with us directly. We are happy to provide agent assistance.

Speaking with us is the best way to make sure you are finding the coverage most suitable for your needs. UHC Golden Rule health insurance rates are the same regardless of your enrollment method.

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