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With our independent agency, you can compare fixed annuity rates and quotes from several carriers. View the highest current interest rates and invest direct in accounts offering the best yields and returns. See our most popular tax-deferred and income generating annuity plans below.

Insurance CompanyAnnuity TermAnnual YieldDeposit AmountQuote Request
Atlantic Coast Life10 Years3.61%$5KRequest Info
Guggenheim Life9 Years3.30%$10KRequest Info
Guggenheim Life8 Years3.20%$10KRequest Info
Atlantic Coast Life7 Years3.50%$5KRequest Info
Atlantic Coast Life6 Years3.37%$5KRequest Info
Atlantic Coast Life5 Years3.32%$5KRequest Info
Oxford Life4 Years2.35%$5KRequest Info
Delaware Life3 Years2.10%$5KRequest Info
Employees Life2 Years1.50%$5kRequest Info
Employees Life1 Year1.00%$5kRequest Info

Best Yielding 5 Year Fixed Annuity MYGA Accounts

CompanyAnnual YieldMinimum $Information
Atlantic Coast Life3.32%$5KRequest Information
Sentinel Life3.25%$2.5KRequest Information
Fidelity & Guaranty Life3.10%$20kRequest Information
Family Benefit Life3.00%$5KRequest Information
Liberty Bankers Life2.90%$10KRequest Information
Bankers Life Ins. Co.2.85%$5KRequest Information

(Annuity interest rates can vary between states and are subject to change pending company announcement. We update our fixed rates on a regular basis. Some policies are not available in some states. Additionally, rates may be lower with some accounts if certain liquidity features are desired.)

Fixed Interest Accounts Vs. Floating Rate Annuities

Fixed Annuity QuotesFixed annuities come in two forms – MYGA (multi-year guaranteed annuity) and floating rate accounts. MYGA’s are the most popular and the most common.

With multi-year accounts, your rate is locked in for the duration that you choose. The rate is guaranteed by the insurance company and will neither increase or decrease over the selected term.

Less common are floating rate fixed annuity accounts. Interest rates can fluctuate each year and may increase or decrease depending on the economic environment. All policies will include a floor (minimum interest rate) that cannot be breached. Floating rate annuities can be advantageous in an increasing interest rate cycle. Multi-year annuity accounts have been more popular with our clients as they provide more certainty and guarantees.

Guaranteed Monthly Income & Tax-Deferred Accounts

Our clients purchase annuities for several reasons. Safety of principal and interest is certainly one the the most important factors. These contracts can also create guaranteed systematic income streams or tax-deferred growth, but not both at the same time. We help those needing immediate income as well as those wanting to defer gains and reduce taxable income.

Our agency offers a wide range of fixed annuity accounts from the leading insurance companies. We are constantly licensing with new carriers to offer our clients the best fixed rate of return on their investments. We will be happy to send you brochures, policy specs, and company financials on the fixed annuities you are most interested in.

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*Annuity interest rates are subject to change. We will update rate changes as soon as we are notified by the insurance company. Not all annuity accounts are available in all states. It is best to speak with one of our licensed insurance agents to learn more about what is available in your area.

*Multi-year fixed annuities provide a guaranteed interest rate for the selected number of years, but the rates are not guaranteed beyond that term and are only as safe as the carrier offering the plan. In most states, annuity accounts are insured up to $250,000.