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best fixed annuity ratesCompare the best guaranteed fixed annuity interest rates from several carriers with our independent brokerage.

Using the tables below, you can view the highest current tax-deferred and income-generating annuity policies available. These are safe & insured accounts offering high yields, competitive returns, and low risk.

Do you want more information on short-term or multi-year fixed annuities? Contact our agency today for a free consultation →

Two-Year Fixed Annuity Rates & Returns

CompanyAnnual YieldMinimum $AM BestView BrochureContact Us
Oceanview Life3.50%$80KA-Download >Request Info >
Aspida Life3.05%$100KADownload >Request Info >
Americo Life3.00%$10KADownload >Request Info >
SILAC Life2.80%$10KB+Download >Request Info >

Compare The Best Three-Year Fixed Annuities

CompanyAnnual YieldMinimum $AM BestView BrochureContact Us
Guggenheim Life4.10%$250KA-Download >Request Info >
American Life4.01%$1KB++Download >Request Info >
American National3.90%$250KADownload >Request Info >
Midland Life3.80%$100KA+Download >Request Info >
Royal Neighbors3.80%$100KADownload >Request Info >
Aspida Life3.75%$100KA-Download >Request Info >
Farmers Life3.75%$10KN/ADownload >Request Info >
Oceanview Life3.70%$80KA-Download >Request Info >
Pacific Guardian Life3.65%$10KADownload >Request Info >
S.USA Life3.65%$5KA-Download >Request Info >
Fidelity & Guaranty Life3.65%$20KA-Download >Request Info >
Oxford Life3.60%$20KADownload >Request Info >
Guaranty Income Life3.60%$100KB++Download >Request Info >
North American Life3.55%$100KA+Download >Request Info >
The Standard Life3.55%$100KADownload >Request Info >
Sagicor Life3.50%$100KADownload >Request Info >
Global Atlantic Life3.50%$100KADownload >Request Info >
Athene Life3.45%$100KADownload >Request Info >
Western United Life3.45%$10KB++Download >Request Info >
Americo Life3.40%$10KADownload >Request Info >
Delaware Life3.30%$10KA-Download >Request Info >
Ohio State Life3.30%$10KN/ADownload >Request Info >
Securian Life3.25%$100KA+Download >Request Info >
Symetra Life3.20%$250KADownload >Request Info >

Four Year Fixed Annuity Accounts

CompanyAnnual YieldMinimum $AM BestView BrochureContact Us
Guggenheim Life4.15%$250KA-Download >Request Info >
Oceanview Life4.10%$80KA-Download >Request Info >
Oxford Life4.00%$20KADownload >Request Info >
Americo Life3.85%$10KADownload >Request Info >
Integrity Life3.75%$20KA+Download >Request Info >
Sagicor Life3.70%$100KADownload >Request Info >
Guaranty Income Life3.65%$100KB++Download >Request Info >

Highest Five-Year Fixed Annuity Interest Rates

CompanyAnnual YieldMinimum $AM BestView BrochureContact Us
Midland National Life4.25%$100KA+Download >
Request Info >
Farmers Life4.22%$10KN/ADownload >Request Info >
Americo Life4.20%$10KADownload >Request Info >
Guggenheim Life4.20%$250KA-Download >Request Info >
American Life4.17%$1KB++Download >Request Info >
Aspida Life4.15%$100KA-Download >Request Info >
Pacific Guardian Life4.10%$10KADownload >Request Info >
S.USA Life4.10%$5KA-Download >Request Info >
Oceanview Life4.10%$80KA-Download >Request Info >
Sentinel Life4.06%$5KB++Download >Request Info >
Reliance Standard Life4.05%$10KA++Download >Request Info >
Royal Neighbors4.05%$100KADownload >Request Info >
Liberty Bankers Life4.05%$10KA-Download >Request Info >
Atlantic Coast Life4.05%$5KB++Download >Request Info >
Mutual of Omaha4.00%$25KA+Download >Request Info >
Athene IA Life4.00%$100KADownload >Request Info >
Fidelity & Guaranty Life4.00%$20KA-Download >Request Info >
EquiTrust Life4.00%$10KB++Download >Request Info >
Oxford Life3.95%$20KADownload >Request Info >
The Standard Life3.95%$100KADownload >Request Info >
American National Life3.95%$250KADownload >Request Info >
Guaranty Income Life3.95%$100KB++Download >Request Info >
Lincoln Financial3.90%$100KA+Download >Request Info >
Western United Life3.90%$10KB++Download >Request Info >
Ohio State Life3.90%$10KN/ADownload >Request Info >
Sagicor Life3.85%$100KADownload >Request Info >
Global Atlantic Life3.85%$100KADownload >Request Info >
Nassau Life3.85%$5KB+Download >Request Info >

Six-Year Fixed Account Rates & Returns

CompanyAnnual YieldMinimum $AM BestView BrochureContact Us
Americo Life4.30%$10KADownload >Request Info >
Oceanview Life4.30%$80KA-Download >Request Info >
Oxford Life4.25%$20KADownload >Request Info >
Guggenheim Life4.25%$250KA-Download >Request Info >
Equitrust Life4.20%$10KB++Download >Request Info >
Atlantic Coast Life4.07%$10KB++Download >Request Info >

Highest Yielding Seven-Year Annuities

CompanyAnnual YieldMinimum $AM BestView BrochureContact Us
Americo Life4.50%$10KADownload >Request Info >
Midland National Life4.40%$100KA+Download >Request Info >
Oceanview Life4.30%$80KA-Download >Request Info >
Guggenheim Life4.30%$250KA-Download >Request Info >
Nationwide Life4.20%$100KA+Download >Request Info >
S.USA Life4.15%$5KA-Download >Request Info >
Oxford Life4.10%$20KADownload >Request Info >
Liberty Bankers Life4.10%$10KA-Download >Request Info >
Sentinel Security Life4.10%$5KB++Download >Request Info >
Atlantic Coast Life4.09%$5KB++Download >Request Info >
Reliance Standard Life4.05%$10KA++Download >Request Info >

Eight-Year Fixed Interest Accounts

CompanyAnnual YieldMinimum $AM BestView BrochureContact Us
Guggenheim Life4.35%$250KA-Download >Request Info >
Oxford Life4.30%$20KADownload >Request Info >
EquiTrust Life4.25%$10KB++Download >Request Info >
American National3.95%$250KADownload >Request Info >
Guaranty Income Life3.85%$5KB++Download >Request Info >
Pacific Guardian Life3.75%$10KADownload >Request Info >

Nine-Year Fixed Interest Annuities

CompanyAnnual YieldMinimum $AM BestView BrochureContact Us
Guggenheim Life4.40%$250KA-Download >Request Info >
Oxford Life4.10%$20KADownload >Request Info >
Liberty Bankers Life4.10%$10KA-Download >Request Info >
Pacific Guardian Life4.00%$10KADownload >Request Info >
Royal Neighbors4.00%$100KADownload >Request Info >
American National3.95%$250KADownload >Request Info >
Guaranty Income Life3.85%$5KB++Download >Request Info >

Ten-Year Annuity Policies Offering Highest Rates

CompanyAnnual YieldMinimum $AM BestView BrochureContact Us
Guggenheim Life4.45%$250KA-Download >Request Info >
Oceanview Life4.30%$80KA-Download >Request Info >
EquiTrust Life4.30%$10KB++Download >Request Info >
Farmers Life4.30%$10KN/ADownload >Request Info >
Oxford Life4.15%$20KADownload >Request Info >
Sentinel Security Life4.15%$5KB++Download >Request Info >
Atlantic Coast Life4.15%$5KB++Download >Request Info >
Pacific Guardian Life4.10%$10KADownload >Request Info >
Royal Neighbors Life4.10%$10KADownload >Request Info >
Americo Life4.05%$10KADownload >Request Info >
Lincoln Financial4.00%$100KA+Download >Request Info >

Notable Guaranteed Fixed Annuity Policies: Years 1-20

Insurance CompanyTermYieldMinimum $AM BestView BrochureContact Us
Atlantic Coast Life20 Yrs4.15%$10KB++Download >Request Info >
Upstream Life15 Yrs3.85%$10KC++Download >Request Info >
Guggenheim Life10 Yrs4.45%$250KA-Download >Request Info >
Oceanview Life10 Yrs4.30%$80KA-Download >Request Info >
EquiTrust Life10 Yrs4.30%$10KB++Download >Request Info >
Farmers Life10 Yrs4.30%$10KN/ADownload >Request Info >
Sentinel Security Life10 Yrs4.15%$10KB++Download >Request Info >
Pacific Guardian Life10 Yrs4.10%$10KADownload >Request Info >
Royal Neighbors Life10 Yrs4.10%$100KADownload >Request Info >
Guggenheim Life9 Yrs4.40%$250KA-Download >Request Info >
Oxford Life9 Yrs4.10%$20KADownload >Request Info >
Pacific Guardian Life9 Yrs4.00%$10KADownload >Request Info >
Guggenheim Life8 Yrs4.35%$250KA-Download >Request Info >
Oxford Life8 Yrs4.30%$20KADownload >Request Info >
EquiTrust Life8 Yrs4.25%$10KB++Download >Request Info >
Americo Life7 Yrs4.50%$10KADownload >Request Info >
Midland National Life7 Yrs4.40%$100KA+Download >Request Info >
Americo Life6 Yrs4.30%$10KADownload >Request Info >
Oceanview Life6 Yrs4.30%$80KA-Download >Request Info >
EquiTrust Life6 Yrs4.20%$10KB++Download >Request Info >
Midland National Life5 Yrs4.25%$100KA+Download >Request Info >
Guggenheim Life4 Yrs4.15%$250KA-Download >Request Info >
Oceanview Life4 Yrs4.10%$80KA-Download >Request Info >
Guggenheim Life3 Yrs4.10%$250KA-Download >Request Info >
Oceanview Life2 Yrs3.50%$80KA-Download >Request Info >
Americo Life2 Yrs3.00%$10KADownload >Request Info >
Employees Life1 Yr1.50%$10KBDownload >Request Info >

(Annuity interest rates can vary between states and are subject to change. We update our fixed rates on a regular basis. Some policies are not available in all states. Additionally, rates may be lower if certain liquidity features are desired.)

Short Term and Multi-Year Annuities For Safety

Our clients want the best fixed annuity rates with highly-rated insurance companies. We offer both short-term and longer term accounts that will meet your needs for safety, tax-deferred growth, income, and wealth preservation.

As interest rates are improving, we see the most demand for three and five-year annuities offering the highest rates and guaranteed returns. We license with several insurance companies offering yields above 3%. Assuming interest rates continue to improve, a 4% rate of return or higher should be possible again soon.

It’s a matter of what terms best suit your investment needs. We can tailor several strategies in order to maximize growth, income, and returns. Using a laddering strategy, your annuity portfolio renews every couple of years to maximize liquidity. This is a wise strategy in today’s increasing interest rate environment.

Fixed Interest Accounts Vs. Floating Rate Policies

Fixed Annuity RatesFixed annuities come in two forms – MYGA (multi-year guaranteed annuity) and floating rate accounts. MYGA’s are the most popular and the most common.

With multi-year accounts, your rate is locked in for the duration you choose. Rates are guaranteed by the insurance company and will neither increase or decrease over the selected term.

Currently, we see more interest in short-term annuities offering 1, 2, 3, and 5-year terms. These policies allow for more flexibility and liquidity.

Much less common are floating-rate fixed annuity accounts. Interest rates can fluctuate each year and may increase or decrease depending on the economic environment. All policies include a floor (minimum interest rate) that cannot be breached. Multi-year annuity accounts are popular with our clients as they provide more certainty and known returns.

Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity Accounts - MYGAs

A multi-year guaranteed annuity most closely resembles a bank CD. While the two are different – and offered by different institutions – the concept is similar. Only insurance companies offer MYGAs. They are purchased through agents and banks but offered and insured by large insurance companies.

MYGAs offer a guaranteed fixed rate for the term you choose. Two, three, and five-year annuity plans (like those listed above) are very popular. Just like a CD, your rate will not go below the percentage yield that is guaranteed at purchase. In fact, some have the ability to increase each year, but they do not go below the stated rate at issue.

Unlike CDs, fixed annuity policies allow you to withdraw your interest as income – or defer it for as long as you wish. And annuities offer higher rates of return than almost all comparable bank instruments offered today. The other piece of good news:  Annuity rates are on the rise finally! We see significantly more interest in MYGA accounts now as their safe, insured, and guaranteed rates offer a great option when compared to more risky investments.

Working With A+ Rated Companies

With increasing interest rates comes competition. There are several highly rated insurance companies vying for deposits. The best way to earn your investments is to offer competitive rates while being a safe and secure company.

There are many agencies specializing in rating annuity insurance companies. You can look to AM Best, COMDEX, Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s, Fitch, and Weiss among others. These businesses comb through all of the financial metrics before assigning a grade. And these grades can go up or down based on several factors.

Fortunately, insurance companies are typically safe and secure institutions. Very few ever fail since they are not allowed to lend your deposits like banks. There are many rated at or near A+ offering some of the best yields. A few that you will see above are Reliance Standard Life, sister companies Midland and North American Life, Americo, Oxford Life, American National, Royal Neighbors, Pacific Guardian Life, Athene, Sagicor, Global Atlantic, and Aspida to name a few.

Comparing Bank CDs To Fixed Annuities

If you already own a fixed annuity, you know how they work. They are safe and reliable policies designed for risk-averse investors. The investment they most closely resemble is certificates of deposit (CDs) at the bank. Watch this short video to understand the pros and cons of each:

Guaranteed Monthly Income & Tax-Deferred Accounts

Our clients purchase fixed annuities for several reasons. Safety of principal and guaranteed interest rates are certainly two of the most important factors. Annuity contracts can also create guaranteed systematic income streams or tax-deferred growth, but not at the same time. In other words, they are very flexible. You may want to defer gains now in order for larger payouts in retirement.

We provide products for both situations. We help those needing immediate interest income now as well as those planning for future income. It’s important to note that if you need income now, annuities work best for those over age 59 1/2. Those under this age and withdrawing interest income from a fixed annuity are usually assessed a penalty by the IRS. Fixed annuities work best for those preparing for retirement or looking for income after age 59 1/2.

Our agency offers a wide range of fixed annuity rates and terms from leading, highly-rated insurance companies. We are always licensing with new carriers to offer our clients the best fixed rates of return on their investments. We are happy to send you brochures, policy specs, and company financials on the fixed policies that best fit your needs and goals.

Contact Us For Quotes, Terms & Information

Why work with us? We are an independent annuity brokerage with over 25 years of experience. We are licensed with carriers so you can shop and compare in one place.

Rates are moving fast and we know what’s on the horizon. We help our clients lock in the highest yields possible with the company that gives them the most peace of mind.

*Annuity interest rates are subject to change. We update rate changes often once the insurance company provides new rates. Not all annuity accounts are available in all states. It is best to speak with one of our licensed insurance professionals to learn more about what’s available in your area.

*Multi-year fixed annuities provide a guaranteed interest rate for the selected term. Interest rates are not guaranteed beyond that term. In most states, fixed annuity accounts are insured up to $250,000.