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Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans

If you’re shopping for Medicare Advantage coverage, Cigna should be on your list. They offer highly-rated and comprehensive MAPD plans in many states.

Our clients like their policies for several reasons. Ease of use, large provider networks, affordable premiums and strong ancillary benefits can all be found with Cigna.

If you’re not sure which Advantage plans are right for you, contact us today and we’ll help you compare your best options.

Cigna Medicare Advantage

  • $0 HMO & PPO Plans
  • Comprehensive Drug Coverage
  • Great Dental, Vision & Hearing
  • Low Copays & Deductibles
  • OTC Benefits, Meals & Transportation
  • Five Star Plans in Florida

Plan Premiums, Network Costs & Benefits

There are many compelling reasons to consider Cigna for your Medicare Advantage coverage. But before doing anything, it’s important to make sure your doctors and hospitals accept their plan. We’ll help lookup your providers and make sure they’re covered.

Beyond networks, Cigna monthly premiums and plan benefits are competitive in many states. One of the big attractions to Advantage plans are their low monthly premiums. Cigna offers $0 monthly MAPD plans in many states. You still have to pay your Part B premiums to the government, of course.

However, a new feature with a select few Medicare Advantage plans is the Part B Giveback provision. Cigna plans with this benefit reduce your Part B premiums owed to the government. So your Advantage premiums can be $0 per month – and the amount you owe the government for Medicare itself is reduced.

Additional Benefits, Copays and Rx Drug Information

Other key features are low copays for primary care doctor, specialist, urgent care, and emergency room visits. Diagnostic services like imaging, labs and x-rays also have affordable copays. Behavioral health, physical therapy and telehealth are part of all plans as well.

Cigna members also enjoy low copays for items like acupuncture, chiropractor services, podiatry and wellness essentials.

Prescription Coverage is part of all MAPD (Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug) plans. It’s wise to make sure your needed prescriptions have reasonable copays. Please keep in mind that some Advantage plans do not offer Part D coverage. We can help you understand which plan options work best for your situation.

Cigna Dental, Vision & Hearing Benefits

Medicare Advantage plans offer many ancillary benefits that Medicare Supplements cannot. That’s why enrollment in MAPD plans are increasing each year. You should not enroll in an Advantage policy just to secure extra benefits, however. The overall coverage needs to fit your health needs. Additional benefits are simply nice to have and can offset other costs.

Cigna is a leader when it comes to benefits like dental, vision, hearing, transportation and more. Their HMO plans offer a $2,000 annual maximum for dental coverage while the PPO offers a $1,000 maximum. You also get a $0 yearly eye exam, coverage for lenses, frames, contacts and Lasik discounts. You’ll receive a $0 yearly hearing exam and an allowance toward hearing aids as well.

Other benefits offered on most plans, include: Silver Sneakers (or comparable free gym membership), transportation to doctor’s appointments, meal benefits during recovery, and a quarterly over the counter allowance.

Highly Rated Medicare Advantage Plans

The government rates Medicare Advantage plans on a 1-5 Star basis with 5 Stars being the best. This year, nearly 90% of Cigna Medicare Advantage customers are in plans that rate at least 4 Stars.

In certain Florida counties, Five Star plans are available. And where 5-Star plans are offered, consumers can switch year round. This SEP can be used one time per calendar year. There is no need to wait for the yearly Open Enrollment window (AEP) which runs from October 15th through December 7th.

Consumers can find Cigna Advantage plans in Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas with ratings of 4.5 Stars. Arizona, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and South Carolina all offer plans with 4 Star ratings or above. And northern Ohio has very competitive plans with strong ratings.

Five Star Medicare Advantage Plans In Florida

CMS rated 5-Star plans can be found in Brevard, Flagler, Hernando, Hillsborough, Lake, Miami-Dade, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Sumter, Volusia, Okaloosa, Escambia, Santa Rosa, Bay, and Walton counties.

Preferred HMO: Plans with the lowest out of pocket costs.
Preferred Part-B Savings HMO: Plans with the Part B Giveback/Rebate HMO.
Primary HMO: For those eligible for Low Income Subsidy or Extra Help.
TotalCare DSNP HMO: For qualified beneficiaries of SLMB+, QMB+ and Full Medicaid.
Leon Cares HMO: Plans for residents of Miami-Dade county.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Advantage Options

Hyers and Associates is an independent insurance brokerage specializing in Medicare insurance plans. We offer Supplements, Advantage, and Part D Drug plans direct and at no additional cost.

With us, you can compare all of your options – from Cigna and many others. We’ll also help you find that plans the best suit our needs. Contact us to learn more today!