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Ohio Health Insurance Coverage

ohio health insuranceHyers & Associates is an independent insurance agency located centrally in Columbus, Ohio. We serve the entire state. Our brokers will assist you with individual, family, small business and large group health insurance plans both on and off the federal exchange.

As you probably know, buying health insurance is more complicated now. Each situation is unique and there’s not a one-size fits all plan. We have provided links below to some of our most popular carriers, but to do this right, we’ll need to talk with you. Consultations and enrollments cost you nothing with us

We work directly with all of the leading insurance companies here in Ohio, including: Medical Mutual, United Healthcare, Molina, Oscar, CareSource, Ambetter, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Humana, Aetna, and others.

Ohio Health Insurance Exchange Plans From Brokers

We provide direct enrollment for our individual and family clients at no additional cost. Group and small business quote requests can be obtained by contacting us here and speaking with our brokers who specialize in group insurance plans.

We are licensed and certified to offer health insurance coverage in Ohio both on and off the federal exchange. Our brokers also help those who qualify for tax credits (based on income) navigate the federal exchange to find suitable plans fitting their needs, budget and network preferences. We also assist those who wish to enroll off the exchange in short term plans.

There are a few new companies offering health insurance coverage in Ohio, including: CareSource, Molina, Ambetter & Oscar. They operate exclusively on the exchange and we can help you compare their policies. Many of these companies are expanding their reach too. Ambetter will be in Columbus for 2021 and Oscar will have a larger presence in the Cleveland area.

There are no additional costs to use our services – your rates stay the same as if you called each company yourself. We are here to guide you through the process.

Short Term Health Insurance Coverage In Ohio

There are several reasons you might need short term health insurance coverage in Ohio. Most often, it’s simply to fill in a small gap before permanent coverage begins a few months later. Other times, it’s used as a less expensive alternative to ACA plans. Either way, we can help.

Depending on your needs, short term plans can be purchased for several months. In fact some companies are now offering plans that will last for two to three years. This means you only need to pass medical underwriting once. Your plan will then be effective for the entire term you choose.

It’s wise to have your short term plan end on the calendar year. This works best in case you’d like to use the Open Enrollment window that runs from November 1 to December 15th to purchase an ACA policy. Marketplace (On-Exchange) plans are more comprehensive and might better fit your needs long term. We’ll help you time up your policies so there are no gaps in coverage.

It’s important to know that losing short term health insurance is not considered a qualifying life event in Ohio. If your health changed and your policy ended in June, then you may not be able to renew it. And you would have to wait until the fall for Open Enrollment to purchase an Affordable Care Act plan.

If you are outside of the Open Enrollment window, you will need proof of a QLE in order to purchase permanent coverage. Moving from one state to another (and losing existing health insurance) is considered a QLE, but your coverage may not start right away. A short term plan can fill in any gaps you may encounter.

Why a short term policy? First off, they are usually much less expensive than most ACA plans. Secondly, these plans are more comprehensive than before. Many offer preventive care, doctor’s office copays, and prescriptions coverage. Policies can be found with annual maximums of up to two million dollars. They are great for those who are in good health and want to keep their rates low.

Who doesn’t short term insurance work for? This coverage won’t work for those with health issues or significant preexisting conditions. They are medically underwritten which means you can be turned down. They don’t cover maternity coverage and/or expensive medications. You’ll want to discuss your situation with us before purchasing this coverage. And if you qualify for a large tax credit, then an ACA plan can be your least expensive option by far.

Small And Large Group Health Insurance Coverage

Ohio Health InsuranceWe help both small and large groups compare and purchase group health insurance for their employees. Our agency also offers ancillary coverage like dental, vision, life and disability.

We help groups of all sizes find the most affordable options by working with several carriers simultaneously. This way we can negotiate the best rates for our groups. We’ll also let you know about any group discounts that might be available.

The Affordable Care Act requires companies with 50 or more full-time employees to offer comprehensive health insurance. There is a lot to navigate with this ever-changing law. Whether it’s penalties, tax-credits, or employer mandates, our experts will help your group find affordable coverage while remaining compliant with the ACA.

There are several ways to lower and reduce any penalties your group might face for not providing health insurance. We help our clients find plans that can avoid all ACA penalties – or just the largest ones. Group health insurance can be expensive, but there are several ways to reduce this burden. We can help you explore self-funded plans, secondary payer coverage, HSA and HRA plans, Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA) policies and several other strategies to keep your insurance affordable.

We are having success using MEWA plans to reduce rates for our groups under 50 employees. MEWA plans are medically underwritten and can be 20%-40% less than traditional ACA plans. Anthem, United Healthcare, and Medical Mutual all offer MEWA plans. They are a much more affordable option for many Ohio small group insurance plans.

Health Savings Accounts – HSA Qualified Plans

Health Savings Accounts are tax-favored accounts coupled with high deductible health insurance policies. These HSA plans are only offered with certain qualified policies in individual and group markets. Having a high deductible does not necessarily mean your plan is HSA qualified.

HSA qualified plans are gaining popularity in Ohio due to their tax advantages and low premiums. In fact, HSA plans offer some of the lowest premiums in the state for those who simply want to avoid penalties. Additionally, all HSA plans include preventive care that is not subject to the deductible. Some also include certain prescriptions before your deductibles is met.

Money deposited into a HSA grows tax-deferred and can be withdrawn tax-free for qualified medical expenses. Meeting your deductible and coinsurance amounts, paying for prescriptions, covering a doctor’s visit or a number of other expenses can all qualify. The unused funds grow tax-deferred and can be spent on future medical claims.

You always has access to your accumulated funds even if the insurance is later cancelled. The insurance company cannot keep your HSA contributions. They belong to you and are invested in a private account of your choosing. Almost all insurance companies offer HSA plans in Ohio.

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Medical Mutual of Ohio

  • Large Ohio Networks
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Medicare Policies
  • Stand Alone Dental & Vision
  • Short Term Plans

Anthem BCBS Plans

  • Dental & Vision
  • ACA Policies
  • Preventive Care
  • HSA Compliant
  • Copay and Coinsurance Options

Humana Health Insurance

  • Medicare Supplements
  • Advantage Plans
  • Individual & Family Plans
  • Stand Alone Dental & Vision
  • Large Cincinnati Network

United Healthcare Plans

  • Affordable Monthly Rates
  • Short Term Insurance
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Dental and Vision Coverage
  • ACA Compliant Coverage

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We are an independent health insurance agency in Columbus, Ohio serving the entire state. Our brokers can help with life, health, dental, vision, Medicare and several other lines of insurance. We offer coverage both on and off the exchange directly to our clients.

We’ll help you stay compliant with the ACA while enrolling in the health insurance plan that best suits your needs. You may have several options both in and outside of the exchange depending on your overall health. Some plans that are medically underwritten can be found for under $100 a month. Contact us today and discuss your needs. We are here to help!