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Compare Indiana Health Insurance Quotes & Plans

We offer Indiana health insurance quotes and coverage both on and off the exchange. You can compare individual, family, short term and small group health rates direct from several carriers using our independent brokerage.

Our providers include Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Aetna, Golden Rule, Humana and United Healthcare. We offer all plans direct (both on and off exchange) and can help you find the health coverage that best suits your needs and budget while keeping you compliant with the law.

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United Healthcare Insurance Quotes

United Health One

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  • Very Affordable Monthly Rates
  • Short Term Plans (1-12 months)
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Stand Alone Dental & Vision Coverage
  • Large Nationwide Network

Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

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  • Short Term Insurance
  • All Plans Cover Maternity
  • Low Cost HSA Qualified Plans
  • Dental, Vision & Life
  • Doctor’s Office Copays

Humana Coverage


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  • Large Nationwide Network
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Individual & Family Plans
  • Stand Alone Dental Coverage
  • Stand Alone Vision Insurance

Aetna Health Insurance Plans


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  • Preventive Care Options
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Nationwide Networks
  • Add-On Dental Coverage
  • Value and Comprehensive Plans

Purchase Health Insurance In Indiana During Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment occurs runs from November 15th through February 15th each year. If you are outside of this open enrollment window, you need a qualifying life event in order to purchase a plan during the rest of the year. Involuntarily losing coverage, getting married, having a child, moving and some other factors will qualify for a special enrollment period. Qualifying life events only last 60 days, so it’s important to act fast.

It’s oftentimes helpful to speak with an independent agent as we can help you understand healthcare reform while also providing insight on the different policies available from different carriers. All policies are not created equal and some will offer stronger benefits in certain areas when compared to others. Healthcare reform has added a few wrinkles to buying health insurance and it’s wise to know where some plans can come up short.

Buying Health Insurance Coverage On & Off The Exchange

Health Insurance Coverage

All plans sold today (either on or off the exchange) fit into certain tiers. From most comprehensive to least, they are labeled Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Not all carriers offer Platinum plans however.

If you don’t qualify for a tax credit, then it may be best to purchase your health insurance off exchange as networks can differ between the two. If you do qualify for a tax credit, then the federal exchange is the only place to apply. You can still use an agent on the exchange, however.

As part of health care reform, all plans include preventive care services and maternity services. Regular checkups, OBGYN visits, routine physicals with lab work are all included at no cost to the insured. Maternity coverage will still be subject to your plan deductible and coinsurance.

Affordable Short Term Health Insurance In Indiana

If you are between jobs or need to satisfy a waiting period before employer benefits begin, then short term health insurance coverage can fill those gaps. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Assurant, and United Healthcare – Golden Rule all offer policies with durations as short as one month.

These plans will not satisfy the health insurance requirements of the Affordable Care Act, but they will bridge the gaps between major medical policies. In most cases, paying for permanent coverage month to month is the prudent thing to do unless you are sure that your future coverage is beginning in a short time.

Employer Provided Small Group Health Plans

We offer group health insurance policies from several carriers with large nationwide networks. Whether your employees reside in Indiana or in several states, we can recommend a plan that is suitable for them and your business. We can also help you compare SHOP group health insurance plans on the exchange.

Additionally, we provide ancillary benefits such as life, disability, dental and vision on either a company sponsored or voluntary basis. In order to provide you with accurate illustrations, we will need a company census. You can request group quotes here.

Health Savings Account Qualified Insurance (HSA Plans)

Health savings accounts coupled with high deductible health insurance are growing in popularity as they are some of the least expensive coverage options available. Funds deposited into HSAs are tax deductible, grow tax deferred, and can be withdrawn tax-free for qualified medical expenses.

Deductibles, coinsurance, prescriptions, dental and vision expenses are just a few examples of what you can use your HSA funds towards on a tax free basis. It is important to have your health savings account setup and funded before medical expenses are incurred.

The accumulated funds in your health savings account always belong you, not the insurance company. You can setup your account with the carrier’s preferred bank or a financial institution of your choosing. If you prefer more aggressive strategies, some investment companies offer mutual funds as an HSA investment option.

Should you ever cancel your HSA qualified health coverage, then the balance of the account will be maintained – it never belongs to the insurance company. However, if the funds are used for anything other than a qualified medical expense, they will lose their tax-free status.

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Our health insurance agency serves the entire state of Indiana. We can help you better understand the rules and regulations of healthcare reform while also purchasing coverage both on and off the exchange. There are never any additional fees to use our services.