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Missouri Health Insurance QuotesOur independent brokerage offers individual, family and small business health insurance in all of Missouri.

On the Federal Marketplace, we offer Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, Ambetter, Medica, Oscar, Cox, and SSM Health.

We also offer plans off the Exchange as well. Many of these will be short term plans designed to cover several months to a year or longer. Our offerings here include, Anthem, Aetna, United Healthcare and a few others. If you’re not sure, contact us and we can help you understand your best options.

Health Insurance Quotes On & Off The Exchange

There are several reasons you might need to buy your own individual or family health insurance. You could be self-employed, a small business owner, involuntarily losing group health insurance, changing jobs or a college student. No matter the reason, we can help you find the medical coverage that best suits your needs, budget and timeline.

We offer permanent plans offered only on the Exchange and we also offer short term plans off the Federal Marketplace. There are no longer penalties for not having ACA compliant insurance, so that opens up more option.

If you need to bridge a gap, perhaps a short term plan will work best. These plans also work well longer term too, but are not appropriate for everyone. If you want the safety provided by ACA plans, then a Marketplace policy might work best.

Your best options might depend on your overall health – and whether or not you qualify for a tax-credit on the Exchange. There is a lot to know, but we can help make it easier for you. There is no cost to use our licensed Missouri agency.

Affordable Care Act Plans On The Exchange

If you’re not sure how long you will need coverage, then consider an ACA Marketplace plan. A permanent health policy can be paid month to month and cancelled at any time. There is never a long term contract or any fees to cancel the policy early.

In Missouri, premiums and network options can vary between carriers. While all plans fall into the metal tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum) the monthly premiums, prescription coverage, doctor’s visits, and network options will vary. Your tax credit (if applied) will be the same no matter which company or policy you choose.

We’ll walk through your options. Using our software you can see which doctors accept which plans – and who covers your most important prescriptions. Fortunately, there are more than a few insurance companies to choose from in most areas. Anthem, Cigna, Humana and Oscar are popular with many of our clients.

Understanding Short Term Health Coverage

Short term health insurance plans work well for many of our clients as well. There are a few things to know before purchasing one, however.

Unlike ACA policies, these plans are medically underwritten. You can be turned down. Also, they don’t cover preexisting conditions. So they are more appropriate for those who are in good health without a lot of prescription needs.

They also don’t cover maternity or pregnancy costs. That coverage can only be found with ACA plans. In other words, short term coverage is best for younger, healthier consumers who are trying to fill gaps of a few months or longer. Some of our clients, however, purchase these policies to cover a year or more. This works well for those who just want inexpensive, catastrophic coverage.

Maternity Health Insurance And Pregnancy Coverage

If you are in need of maternity insurance, we can help. By law, all Affordable Care Act plans must cover maternity related benefits. However, you will need a qualifying life event (like involuntarily losing coverage) in order to purchase a plan outside of open enrollment.

Open Enrollment begins November 1st and runs through December 15th. All enrollments during this window are effective January 1st.

Your maternity benefits will depend on your deductible and coinsurance, but will not be subject to their own additional deductible. There are no longer waiting periods for coverage to begin. You will need to purchase coverage during open enrollment unless you’re experiencing a life event.

If you have existing ACA coverage, the birth of a child does qualify as a life event. You can call in and add your child retroactively. Most insurance companies give you at least a month to add a newborn to your existing policy.

Health Savings Accounts In Missouri – HSA Plans

Health insurance plans offering tax-favored HSAs are popular due to their lowerer premiums. These plans are referred to as Health Savings Accounts or HSA’s. They provide tax advantages and are generally more popular with those who do not need significant, regular medical care.

Money deposited in a HSA can be deducted from your income taxes. Deposits grow tax-deferred and gain interest based on the performance of chosen investments. Unused funds remain in the account year after year for future medical expenses and always belong to you – even after the policy is cancelled. All of our ACA carriers offer competitive HSA qualified plans.

Funds can be withdrawn tax-free for qualified medical expenses – such as reaching a deductible/coinsurance amount, dental/vision bills, or prescription costs. Deposits would lose their tax favored status if withdrawn for anything other than a qualified medical expense.

Contact Us For Quotes, Assistance & Enrollment

We are a full service, independent health insurance agency in Missouri offering quotes, coverage and enrollment direct to you. There are no additional costs to use our services. We will help you find the most suitable medical coverage to meet your needs either on or off the Federal Marketplace.

Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield In Missouri

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

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  • Short Term Insurance
  • All Plans Cover Maternity
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Dental and Life Insurance
  • Doctor’s Office Copays

United Healthcare Insurance – Golden Rule

United Health One

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  • Very Affordable Monthly Rates
  • Short Term Plans (1-12 months)
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Dental and Vision Coverage
  • Large Nationwide Network

Humana Health Insurance Plans


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  • Large Nationwide Network
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Individual & Family Plans
  • Stand Alone Dental Coverage
  • Stand Alone Vision Insurance