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These days investors are looking for safety and security more than ever, especially after the two major stock market corrections in the last decade. Years later, numerous brokerage and variable annuity accounts still have not recovered their losses from that time period. Unfortunately, many investors were counting on those funds to provide income and stability …

August 29, 2007

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The S&P 500 – January’s first trading day in 2007: 1268.80 Many investors entered 2007 with positive expectations for the year ahead. In fact, a substantial number of large cap companies reported double digit income growth in the first quarter of the year. Pundits immediately chimed in with rosy prophecies of continued expansion. Here’s an …

June 30, 2007

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Yesterday, the FOMC raised the overnight lending rate between banks another quarter point to 5.25%. While their initial statements seemed less hawkish and the overall markets rallied in response, it is worth mentioning that inflationary pressures still exist to some degree on the US economy. It appears that future rate hikes will depend on economic …

June 30, 2006

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The newest addition to the LTC marketplace is the long term care hybrid annuity account. This product functions exactly like a fixed annuity, but it has a long term care multiplier built into the policy. There is no premium rider associated with this medically underwritten annuity policy. Put another way, there is no annual cost …

June 29, 2006

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