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Investment Safety With Annuity Accounts

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The most recent market turmoil has many conservative investors second guessing their investment decisions. Those near or in retirement have witnessed significant losses to their IRA, 401(k) and 403(b) retirement accounts.  When the market crash of 2000 is factored in, many retirees have experienced an overall loss in their net worth for over ten years.

Too Much Risk

Investors are realizing that the stock and bond markets are not always the best place experience investment gains or preserve their retirement assets.  There are too many unknowns, too much risk, and an overall culture of corruption and greed that have robbed clients of a secure retirement.

Asset Preservation

What else is available for those who can no longer stomach the violent swings in today’s marketplace? Are there accounts that can credit gains when the market goes up, but will not lose value during corrections, crashes, and economic downturns?  The answer is yes and they have been around for years.  Consumers who have invested in these accounts have not lost a penny during this latest market crash.

In fact, Fox News recently profiled a couple in retirement who wisely used this investment vehicle to preserve their wealth.  (Watch the video)  So what are the accounts?  Fixed rate, indexed, and income generating annuity accounts are the investments that have weathered this ten year market storm.

Your broker and some in the financial media will tell you to walk away from such accounts, but let’s keep in mind that these are the same folks who recommended this market for the last several years – stock and bond markets that have caused unprecedented carnage to retirement accounts.

Safety in Fixed & Indexed Annuity Accounts

Thus, it may be wise to explore a safe, insured, guaranteed annuity account as an alternative to the unpredictability of a brokerage account.  Contrary to popular belief, annuities are not generating commissions any higher than a typical brokerage house and the investor does not forfeit their account value at death. Most of this misinformation has been spread by those who are behind this market mess.

Our agency, has created several educational annuity articles and presentation that can be viewed on our site.   Consumers who are interested in wealth preservation, reasonable gains, and peace of mind should explore their investment opportunities.

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Last updated on September 5th, 2017