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Standard Life High Deductible Plan F

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Our independent insurance agency (Hyers and Associates) has offered Medicare supplement insurance from Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company for years. We offer this coverage direct to our clients – at no additional cost.

Our clients appreciate that they can shop for new or replacement coverage with us direct. And we appreciate their loyalty and that’s why we are always on the lookout for new carriers that are competitively priced in certain areas.

Standard Life High Deductible Plan F Supplement

Standard Life and Accident (SLAICO) offers several lines of insurance, but their High Deductible Plan F Medicare supplement insurance is very competitively priced in most states. Rates for applicants will vary depending on a number of factors including age, gender, zip code of residence, and tobacco use.

There are a number of reasons you might be considering HD Plan F for your supplemental insurance coverage, but the one we hear most often is low premiums. It does not make good financial sense to enroll in HD Plan F unless there are significant premium savings – and SLAICO’s rates hit the mark.

In many cases, HD Plan F with Standard Life can be more than $100 less per month than a traditional Plan F. For those who are looking to save premium dollars while still insuring against catastrophic claims, HD F can be a very good financial decision.

About Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F

HD Plan F works very much like a traditional Plan F save for the fact that is has a yearly deductible. For 2019, the deductible is $2,300 which is a $60 increase over year 2018.  Benefits will not be paid until the policyholder has reached his or her deductible, but Medicare will continue to pay its portion first.

The deductible amount can change every year (as mandated by the government run Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) and those changes will affect all plans. This simply means that you cannot lock in your deductible based on the year when it was purchased. Once CMS makes changes, those changes affect all plans – both new and old.

It is also important to note that High Deductible Plan F does not have any network restrictions. One of the biggest issues consumers have with Medicare Advantage and Medicare Select plans is navigating their networks.

In many cases, HD Plan is as, if not more, affordable than many Select and Advantage plans, but without any network restrictions. This is an important issue for many Medicare eligible consumers. They like to know they can use any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare assignment and HD Plan F allows them that freedom.

About Standard Life & Accident Insurance Company

SLAICO has been offering insurance policies in the senior market for over 50 years. They are highly rated with the AM Best ratings agency.

They offer several lines of insurance for those both over and under the age of 65, but providing affordable insurance to seniors is a priority. Other types of insurance offerings from SLAICO include life insurance, annuity policies, health insurance and various ancillary coverages.

SLAICO works with agencies like ours in order to provide insurance direct to consumer. There are no additional fees or commissions to place your business through us. You also get the benefit of working with someone with knowledge of the insurance industry at large.

Hyers And Associates Medicare Insurance Agency

We are an independent insurance agency specializing in the senior market and offering insurance policies in several states. We work extensively with Medicare supplements, Part D prescription drug policies, long term care plans and annuities.

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Last updated on October 23rd, 2018