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Guaranteed Acceptance Medicare Supplement For Ohio

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Medicare Supplement No Medical Underwriting OhioHere at Hyers and Associates, we are offering a guaranteed issue Medicare supplement insurance policy for our Ohio clients in 2019. So long as you have an existing supplemental policy, you can apply for this one with no medical underwriting.

This is a limited time offer, so contact us today. There is only one insurance company doing this and their rates are very competitive. There are no health questions and their rates are very competitive.

Guaranteed Acceptance – No Medical Underwriting

If you have health issues, you know how hard it can be to switch from one Medicare supplement policy in Ohio to another. Insurance companies are allowed to ask questions, review your health history and turn you down for coverage.

This can be very frustrating – especially if you have been in a plan for several years and your rates have increased dramatically. With this new program, we are seeing rate decreases for our clients anywhere from $10-$50 a month. And that’s without changing their plan. Those who move from Plan F, to Plans G or N are seeing their rates go down even further.

Silver Sneakers Benefit In Ohio

There is one very large insurance company in Ohio that’s dropping their Silver Sneakers gym membership benefit.  If you have them, then you know who they are.  That only leaves three other companies offering Medicare supplement coverage with Silver Sneakers in Ohio.

Well, we have more good news. This guaranteed issue provider also offers Silver Sneakers.  That’s right: No medical underwriting and you get the same free gym membership so you can stay active and healthy.

This insurance offer helps so many of our clients. Not only are we reducing their rates by offering supplemental insurance with no medical underwriting, but they can keep the gym membership they count on as well.

Medicare Supplement Plans F, G and N

Our company also offers the three most popular Medigap policies – Plans F, G and N.  Their Plan G and Plan N rates are very competitively priced. Their F rates are in line with most other companies. (They also offer High Deductible Plan F.)

If you’ve done your homework, you know that Plan F will no longer be for sale for new Medicare recipients in 2020.  That’s why a lot of our clients are moving to Plan G supplements (and Plan N) so they don’t stay in a discontinued plan.

Typically when Medicare officials stop offering a plan, the rates go up more quickly. (This happened with Plan J in 2010.) Plan G and N will stay on the market, however, and most likely have more rate stability. And when you do the math, you can see that Plans G and N oftentimes offer better value as well.

Check Your Medigap Insurance During Open Enrollment

Now is the time of year to check your in Ohio surance coverage and make sure you have the most suitable plan. If your rates are too high or your losing your free gym membership, then contact us. We should be able to help you on both fronts.

This no underwriting Medicare supplement plan will only be available with effective dates of January 1, 2019 to June 1, 2019. Now is a great time to take advantage of this opportunity.

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