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Aetna Medicare Supplement InsuranceOur independent insurance agency offers Aetna Medicare insurance policies direct – at no additional cost. You can compare the lowest rates available on all Aetna plans in your state. This includes Medicare Supplements, Advantage plans, Part D Drug coverage, as well as dental, vision and hearing insurance.

When purchasing supplemental insurance, it’s important to shop around. You want to compare premiums, benefits and networks where applicable. Oru agency can do the shopping for you. With us, you can compare all of your Medicare options to make sure you enroll in the most suitable coverage for your needs.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Quotes From Aetna

We have represented Aetna’s Medicare offerings for many years. While they may be more well known for individual and group plans, they are very competitive in the Medicare markets as well.

Those who are eligible can choose from a wide array of policies. Their insurance offerings include:

  • Medicare Supplement Plans
  • Medicare Advantage Policies
  • Prescription Part D Plans
  • Dental, Vision & Hearing Insurance
  • Final Expense Life Insurance
  • Accident & Illness Coverage
  • Home Health Care & Recovery Plans
  • Hospital Indemnity & Flex Coverage
  • Cancer, Heart Attack & Stroke Reimbursement

Now that Aetna has merged with CVS health, they offer more plans in more places. Their Medicare Advantage footprint grew significantly when they acquired Coventry and we continue to see them expand into more counties across the U.S.

Their size and scope allows for many of the ancillary plans listed above. Almost all insurance policies have some kinds of gaps. You can plug those gaps and account for the unknown using any number of the coverage options available.

Those who are eligible for Medicare due to disability will have different options depending on the state in which they reside. Aetna offers some of the most popular Medicare Advantage plans in many areas of the country. They are known for low rates and large networks. One such policy is their $0 Value PPO plan. It’s great for those who want comprehensive coverage, but are on a tight budget.

American Continental, Accendo, & Continental Life

Like most large insurance companies specializing in Medicare, Aetna sells under a few different names. There’s American Continental, Continental Life, Aetna Life & Health, and their newest offering Accendo.

Aetna acquired both American Continental and Continental Life from Genworth Life Insurance Company to expand their Medicare supplement offerings. Both Genworth companies have good reputations and good rates in several states. They also sell policies in many states under the Aetna Health and Life name.

Accendo is a newer Medicare supplement line of business that’s part of their CVS merger. While all of these different lines offer spousal discounts, Accendo has the largest one at 14%. This means spouses who both enroll can each save 14% on their premiums.

Medicare Prescription Part D Drug Coverage

As part of the CVS merger, Aetna was required to sell their Part D drug plans to Wellcare. That’s okay. Wellcare is well known for offering affordable drug plans for those on Medicare. In fact, some of their policies are under $14 a month and have $0 copays on many common prescriptions.

Bu to round out their offerings, Aetna partnered with SilverScript so they could continue to provide robust Part D drug offerings. If you purchase a Medicare supplement from Aetna, you are not required to purchase one of their Part D plans, however. You can enroll in any one offered in you area. We can help you compare SilverScript, Wellcare and all others to make sure you’re getting the most value available.

And if you choose a Medicare Advantage plan, you’ll see that Part D drug coverage is included in most cases. Advantage plans can also include dental, vision and hearing coverage too. We can help you compare these all-in-one plans with those that are purchased separately. Their are pros and cons to each path.

In some cases, it may be more cost efficient to have your supplemental coverage with one company and Part D drug policy with another, but it is nice to know that both plans can be purchased from Aetna in order to keep your insurance simple.

Purchasing Medicare Insurance Plans Direct

It is important to note that Medigap insurance prices are controlled by law. Simply put, it does not matter from where or how you choose to purchase your coverage – the price will be the same.

Agents cannot charge you more or less than the going rate with insurance company itself. Having an agent can be helpful when you are ready to comparison shop or if you need assistance with your current policy.

It is always a good idea to talk with someone who works with Medicare insurance policies on a daily basis before submitting an enrollment on your own. You will want to consider future rate increases, company stability and customer service, and claims experiences.

You will also want to inquire about spousal and household discounts. There is a lot to know. The consumers who we see run into the most problems are typically ones who enrolled in a plan with consulting a knowledgeable professional first.

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Hyers and Associates is a full service, independent insurance agency specializing in Medicare insurance policies. We represent Aetna and many others direct to you.

We can help you find suitable supplemental and Part D policies with the carrier(s) of your choice. Call us or contact us today to learn more about your best options.

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Last updated on July 29th, 2020