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Our independent insurance agency offers Aetna Medicare supplement insurance quotes and direct enrollment – at no additional cost. You can compare the lowest rates available on all Aetna Medigap plans.

When purchasing a supplemental plan it is important to shop around. We do the shopping for you so that it is easy to compare the best, lowest priced rates on the coverage you prefer.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Quotes From Aetna Health And Life

We have directly represented Aetna’s Medicare offerings for many years. While they may be more well known for individual and group insurance, they are also very active in the over 65 market as well.

Seniors can purchase their Medicare Advantage and supplements, prescription Part D coverage, and final expense funeral policies all from our agency. Those who are eligible for Medicare due to disability will have different options depending on the state in which they reside. Aetna (and Coventry) offer some of the most popular Medicare Advantage plans in many areas of the country. They are known for low rates and large networks.

In some cases, it may be more cost efficient to have your supplemental coverage with one company and Part D drug policy with another, but it is nice to know that both plans can be purchased from Aetna in order to keep your insurance simple.

American Continental And Continental Life Insurance Companies

It is no secret that many insurance carriers are eager to participate in the senior markets. With the large influx of baby boomers currently aging into Medicare, opportunities abound for large well-rated carriers. Aetna is no different.

In 2011, Aetna acquired both American Continental and Continental Life of Brentwood from Genworth Life Insurance Company in order to expand their Medicare supplement insurance offerings. Both Genworth companies have good reputations and good rates in several states.

By purchasing this book of business, Aetna is now an even larger participant in the Medicare insurance markets. This acquisition will allow them to offer less expensive coverage to new and existing policyholders. They also sell policies in many states under the Aetna Health and Life name.

Medicare Prescription Part D Drug Coverage

Aetna also recently acquired Coventry First Health Insurance Company. Coventry is a large Midwestern carrier specializing in health insurance and Medicare Advantage plans. First Health offers some of the best priced Part D drug plans across the country.

Like Genworth, the Coventry First Health acquisition significantly expanded Aetna’s reach and insurance offerings. These new product lines will give consumers more choice under the Aetna family of companies. Little will change for those who already own a Coventry First Health policy.

Purchasing Medicare Insurance Plans Direct

It is important to note that Medigap insurance prices are controlled by law. Simply put, it does not matter from where or how you choose to purchase your coverage – the price will be the same.

Agents cannot charge you anymore than if you were able to go direct to the carrier. Having an agent can be helpful when you are ready to comparison shop or if you need assistance with your current policy.

It is always a good idea to talk with someone who works with Medicare insurance policies on a daily basis before purchasing any plan. You will want to consider future rate increases, company stability and customer service before enrolling in any plan. You will also want to inquire about spousal and household discounts. Aetna offers discounts of 5-7% in many states.

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Hyers and Associates is a full service, independent insurance agency specializing in Medicare insurance policies. We represent Aetna and many, many others direct to you.

We can help you find suitable supplemental and Part D policies with the carrier(s) of your choice. Call us or contact us today to learn more about your best options.

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