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AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Underwritten by United Healthcare

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AARP Medicare Supplement InsuranceAARP and United Healthcare Insurance Company joined together to offer Medicare supplement insurance to seniors nationwide. This partnership was formed to offer additional products for current and future AARP members.

Medicare eligible consumers can purchase Medigap coverage as well as prescription Part D drug insurance plans through these combined organizations and a licensed insurance agent.

You must be an AARP member in order to enroll in their supplemental insurance plans. Medicare supplements and Part D rx coverage can be purchased, at no additional cost, through an independent agency like ours if you desire more personal service.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans From AARP

It is important to note that AARP is not an insurance company. The carrier underwriting these Medicare plans is United Healthcare.  AARP/UHC offers traditional plans A-N in most states, but not all plans in every state.

They also offer Select Plans C and F that require the use of the United Healthcare network doctors and facilities. Select Plans C and F are less expensive than traditional coverage and will have some network limitations.  Traditional Plans C, F and N are very popular as you can see any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare.

A new development is that Plan G will be offered in most states beginning in July of 2017. Plan G is one of the more popular plans available when comparing benefits and costs. Considering that Plan F will no longer be available for new enrollees in 2020, it makes sense that AARP is rolling out Plan G now.

In order to enroll in a Medigap plan, you first must be (or soon to be) enrolled in both Medicare Parts A and B. If you are in open enrollment or a guaranteed issue period of time, then no medical underwriting will be necessary with your application.

If you are  not in open enrollment or guaranteed issue, then medical underwriting will take place and you can be turned down for coverage. If you have End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), require dialysis, were admitted to a hospital within the last 90 days, or been recommend or discussed an inpatient hospital admittance with a medical professional, then you are ineligible for coverage.

Perks and Silver Sneaker Membership Options

As part of your AARP membership, you will be eligible for vision discounts, pharmacy savings, and a 24 hour nurse hotline. Members can speak with a registered nurse by phone 24 hours a day for support and to their answer questions.

In many states, you will also receive a complimentary Silver Sneakers Fitness Program membership. This benefit is limited to participating workout facilities and will help cover your monthly gym membership dues. Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee are a few of the states where this benefit is available.

AARP Medigap Monthly Premiums & Discounts

Monthly premiums will vary depending on your state of residence, age, health and desired plan. Medicare supplement insurance costs will vary widely between competing companies in the same state. AARP/UHC insurance plans are competitively priced  in Missouri, Florida, Texas and several other states.

You will save on your premiums if you pay for your coverage either monthly or yearly. There is a small fee to pay quarterly or semi-annually. Where offered, you and your spouse will be eligible for a 5% marital discount when enrolled together. Should one spouse enroll at a later date, the discount will still be available for both.

There is also an early enrollment discount associated with AARP Medicare supplements that decreases each year. This 10 year discount erodes at a 3% rate each year and would be in addition to any other rate increases passed on by the plan. You cannot be singled out individually for a rate increase however.

Part D Prescription Drug Coverage from UHC

In most states, AARP offers four different prescription Part D drug plans through United Healthcare to choose from. Unlike their Medicare supplement insurance plans, you do not need to be a member to enroll in a Part D drug plan

The four Part D plans for 2017 are: MedicareRx Walgreens, Saver, Saver Plus and Enhanced. Monthly premiums will vary depending on where you live. In most cases the Walgreens plan is the least expensive, but you would want to fill your prescriptions at Walgreens as the name implies.

The first three have a $400 deductible, while the Enhanced has no annual deductible. It’s important to note that many generics are not subject to the deductible if there is one. Most of our clients fit nicely into the Walgreen or Saver plans. All four plans have a very robust prescription drug formulary.

It is wise to price your prescriptions every year and shop all companies at Medicare.gov before enrolling in any plan. You can typically find the most savings by having your Medigap and Part D coverage with separate companies. The two are never connected even when offered by the same insurance company.

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Hyers and Associates, Inc is an independent agency marketing Medicare supplement insurance policies direct to consumer. We represent AARP plans underwritten by United Healthcare as well as several other affordable plans offering coverage nationwide.

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