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AARP Medicare Supplement InsuranceWe offer AARP United Healthcare Medicare supplement insurance to our clients nationwide. These two companies have partnered together to offer members additional services and benefits.

It is required that you (or someone in your household) be an AARP member in order to enroll in a United Healthcare Medicare Supplement. We can help you understand how this process works and also help with a membership and enrollment – at no cost.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans From UHC

It is important to note that AARP is not an insurance company. They are a non-profit interest group that advocates for those age 50 and above. The insurance company underwriting these Medicare plans is United Healthcare. These two have partnered together for years.

In order to enroll in a Medigap plan, you first must be (or soon to be) enrolled in both Medicare Parts A and B. If you are in your open enrollment or a guaranteed issue window, then no medical underwriting will be necessary with your application.

If you are not in open enrollment or guaranteed issue, then medical underwriting will be required. Those with certain health conditions will be declined or charged higher premiums. It is always best to use your own personal 7 month Open Enrollment window to buy a Medigap policy.

What Medigap Plans Should I Consider?

AARP/UHC offers traditional plans A, B, C, F, G, K, L, M, N in most states, but not all plans in every state. Your options for enrollment will depend on whether your Medicare eligibility was before or after January 1, 2020. If you enrolled in Medicare Part B after 2020, then Plans C and F are not available.

The most popular Medicare supplements are Plans C, F, G and N. We see a lot of interest in Plans G and N as they cover the most important gaps while still offering affordable monthly premiums.

And a variation of Plans G and N can be purchased in some states. These are called Select Plans and require the use of an in-network doctor for routine services. You can use any doctor in the event of an emergency, however. Medicare Select Plans will cost less than their traditional counterparts.

Additional AARP Membership Benefits

As part of an AARP membership, you’re eligible for vision & hearing discounts, a discounted gym membership, wellness coaching, and a 24 hour nurse hotline. Members can speak with a registered nurse by phone 24 hours a day for realtime health support.

In many area, you will also receive a free (or discounted) gym membership at participating fitness locations. There is an extensive network of providers that can be found on their website. This is not the same as a Silver Sneakers membership, however. Silver Sneakers and AARP discontinued their partnership a few years ago.

United Healthcare Premiums & Discounts

Monthly premiums will vary depending on your state of residence, age, health and desired plan. Medicare supplement insurance costs will vary widely between competing companies in the same state. AARP/UHC insurance plans are competitively priced  in many states across the country.

You will reduce premiums if you pay for your coverage either monthly or yearly. With either method, your savings would be $24 a year. Where offered, you and your spouse will be eligible for a 5% marital discount when enrolled together. Should one spouse enroll at a later date, the discount will still be available for both.

There is also an enrollment discount associated with AARP Medicare supplements. Your discount will depend on whether you’re in Open Enrollment, your age, and any medical conditions you have. Any discount you receive will erode each year as you get older.

Plans are community rated and your premiums will be determined by your gender and tobacco usage in most cases. In some states, tobacco usage will not increase your rates if you’re in your Open Enrollment window. Ohio would be an example of this rule.

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Hyers and Associates, Inc is an independent agency marketing Medicare supplement insurance policies direct to consumer. We represent AARP branded plans underwritten by United Healthcare. We can show you their direct rates as well as those from several other insurance companies in one place.

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