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Medicare Supplement Insurance In South Carolina

Medicare Insurance Plans in South CarolinaWith our independent agency, you can compare South Carolina Medicare supplement insurance plans direct from several carriers.

We are licensed with numerous insurance companies and can help you compare the best rates available in your area.

Our carriers include Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, CSI Life, Combined, Equitable, GTL, Humana, IAC, Manhattan Life, Medico, Mutual of Omaha, Sentinel Life, United American, United Healthcare (AARP), and several others.

Most Popular Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

The most popular Medicare supplement insurance policies in South Carolina are Plans F, G, N. Plans G and N offer great overall value – so we see significant interest in those policies.

Plan F fills in all of the gaps in Original Medicare Parts A & B while Plans G covers everything except for the $226 Part B deductible. Plan N is unique in that it has office copays, but it can be a good choice when weighing benefits and monthly premiums.

Another popular policy is High Deductible Plan G and HD Plan F. These two provide coverage after the one-time yearly deductible has been met. The deductible for 2021 is $2,370. HD Plans G and F are two of the least expensive Medicare supplements available.

It’s important to note Plans C, F, and HD F are unavailable for purchase if you are new to Medicare in 2020 and beyond. This rule was passed by congress a few years back. For those who are new to Medicare, Plans G, D, N, and High Deductible Plan G will be your best options.

Before purchasing a plan, you’ll want to know what each plan covers. You’ll also want to know if a supplement offers more value based on benefits versus monthly premiums. Your monthly budget may also be a factor. It can be difficult to change once you are outside of your individual, 7-month open enrollment window, so it’s best to find a suitable policy right from the start.

Open Enrollment and The Annual Election Period

You usually get only one open enrollment window. That can be when your turn 65 and age into Medicare – or when you enroll in Medicare Part B for the first time. Enrollment into Medicare Part B can happen after age 65 if you’re leaving a group employer plan. It can also happen when you are under age 65 if you’re eligible for Medicare due to disability.

The Annual Election Period (AEP) that occurs each year between October 15th and December 7th is not an open enrollment window for everything. Yes, there are changes that can be made during this window, but it does not apply to Medicare supplements. In other words, once you choose your Supplemental coverage, medical underwriting is required if you want to switch to a new policy.

This is why we help our clients shop carefully during their 7-month open enrollment window – whenever it may occur. Some insurance companies have better reputations than others when it comes to rate increases & renewal history. It’s important to find a reliable company with reasonable renewal rates – not just the cheapest insurance policy today.

Choosing A Medigap Policy With Low Renewal Rates

There are several insurance companies offering very competitive rates Medicare Supplement rates in South Carolina. Your best rates will depend on where your location, age, gender, the plan you prefer, and whether you qualify for a household or spousal discount.

Some of the better rates we see are from Central States, Combined, Mutual of Omaha, United Healthcare AARP, and a few others. But you are shopping for the long haul – so it’s important to find a carrier with a history of stable rate increases. We can help.

Our software will tell you what the rate increases have been for the last few years. It can also tell us what future rates might like based on your age. But there are no guarantees. All supplements will increase over time. If you have decent overall health, you’ll likely be able to switch to a less expensive plan offering the same benefits. And be sure to ask us about Silver Sneakers (the free gym membership) if you are interested in that perk.

Medicare Insurance For Those Under Age 65

If you are under age 65 and eligible for Medicare due to disability, you have options in South Carolina. Several different plan options are offered in most areas. Insurance companies are allowed to charge you higher rates if you are under the age of 65, however. Those rates will go down when you turn 65. In fact, you can even shop for a new plan at age 65 even if you were already on Medicare due to disability

Another (sometimes less expensive option) is a Medicare Advantage plan. These policies privately cover the standard Medicare benefits and help to close additional gaps. Some will have a monthly fee while others will be available for no premiums. Most Advantage plans will also include prescription Part D drug coverage as well.

Advantage plans can be a good choice for those who desire lower premiums. You may have more out-of-pocket exposure, but it’s usually a manageable amount. The most important factor is to make sure your preferred healthcare providers and facilities are in-network before enrolling.

And ask us about Medicare Savings Accounts. These innovative policies will credit thousands of dollars each year to your own personal savings account. You can use these funds to cover a wide array of healthcare expenses. They are a great way to build up a savings account for your health that always belongs to you.

Our Independent Medicare Supplement Insurance Agency

We work with supplemental policies every day. We are very knowledgeable about plan benefits, prices, rate history, and the nuances of this type of insurance. We also work extensively with prescription Part D Drug and Medicare Advantage coverage.

We can help you compare rates side by side and find the supplement that best fits your needs and budget in the short and long run. Contact us today for more information.