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Who Offers The Most Affordable Health Insurance Coverage in Ohio?

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As an insurance professional in Ohio, I am asked this question quite a bit from prospective clients. The simple answer is: it depends. There are certain companies that offer more affordable health insurance in certain areas and to certain age groups.

With the advent of healthcare reform, there are several other variable that come into play, but the most important one is your income. Many individuals and families will now qualify for a tax credit based on the size of their family and their income. It is important that you touch upon this with your agent – presumably us.

Everyone has a somewhat different idea of how their health insurance coverage should be structured.  A younger individual might be shopping simply on cost whereas a family might be most concerned about wellness benefits for their children or maybe maternity coverage.  Large and small group employers alike are usually concerned about all of the above among other factors.

Affordable Ohio Health Insurance Coverage

Cost will always be a major factor when shopping for insurance.  Some providers will be more affordable than others. United Healthcare, offered through Golden Rule, is competitive in most age groups as is Medical Mutual. Humana is very competitive in the Cincinnati area while Anthem and MMO are better in Columbus and Cleveland. Aetna and Assurance can be good choices as well.

There is not always one company that stands apart from the others on price.  It will depend on the number of insureds, their age, overall health, and chosen benefits.  Our agency runs quotes will all of the reputable carriers before making a recommendation for our clients.  One size does not fit all.

Health Insurance Benefits, Coverages and Preventive Care

Almost all plans will protect against catastrophic losses.  The question is how much more insurance do you want after that?  All insurance companies offer low deductible, comprehensive coverage with significant first dollar benefits.  First dollar benefits are those that are not subject to the deductible like prescriptions, doctor office visits, preventive care, and OBGYN appointments.

Some companies offer more robust packages than others.  In Ohio, Anthem offers very good preventive care benefits that are not subject to the deductible on most of their plans. With a new found emphasis on wellness and preventive medicine, many of the other providers are following course.  Health care reform mandates that all plans cover preventive and wellness with a $0 copay.

Ohio In-Network Health Insurance Providers

All well known health insurance providers will offer robust networks filled with doctors and hospitals to choose from.  That being said, there is a chance that your preferred provider might not be in the network.  If that is the case, then it may be wise to seek out a plan offered by an alternative carrier where the physician is in network. We help our clients sift through various networks to insure that their chosen health care providers are available.

In summary, health insurance is a fluid product and in a constant state of flux.  New plans are introduced on a regular basis, costs change from year to year, benefits are upgraded over time, and networks change constantly.  What is best for you today may not be tomorrow and vice versa.  We help our clients navigate this ever changing landscape so that they have the best possible coverage to address their given needs.

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