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United Healthcare offers affordable short term health insurance rates across the country. Individual and family policies are offered through their subsidiaries Golden Rule and Pacificare.

Group coverage is offered through United Healthcare and collectively they are all now known as United HealthOne.  UHC is well known for their large network of doctors & hospitals as well as their ancillary coverage options.

Short term coverage is one of their most popular options, but they also offer accident, illness, indemnity, term life, teledoc services, and UHC dental and vision coverage as well.

Golden Rule Health Insurance Coverage

  • Individual & Family Plans
  • Short Term Health Insurance
  • Accident & Illness Plans
  • Dental and Vision Coverage
  • Term Life Insurance

Recently UHC added several new benefit options to their individual and family plans including preventive care, dental & vision coverage, term life, accident coverage, wellness visits, as well as additional deductible and coinsurance choices.

While UHC is not as actively involved with ACA plans, their short term policies are thriving. One reason is simply cost. These policies can cost up to half as much as a non-subsidized ACA plan on the Federal Marketplace. For younger, healthier consumers plans can be found for under $100 a month!

United Healthcare Short Term Health Insurance

Consumers want catastrophic health insurance plans with low premiums. UHC short term plans fit that bill. There are several deductibles to choose from with and without coinsurance.

Deductibles will range from $2,500 – $12,500 in most areas and different coinsurance options. Most common are 80/20 plans. Depending on the rules in your state, plans can be purchased to cover just a few months – or up to three years. This means no medical underwriting is necessary for three years – the plan automatically renews.

Most plans carry a lifetime maximum of $2 million per insured person. And most importantly, all plans are PPOs. This means you can see doctors in and out of their very large network. One drawback to ACA plans is most are HMOs with smaller networks. This is not the case with United Healthcare short term PPO policies.

Office Copays, Prescriptions & Medical Underwriting

It’s important to know that short term plans are not the best option for everyone. They don’t always offer some of the same benefits as ACA plans. For instance, you might only get one or two office copays with some policies. And they won’t cover preventive care at no cost like most ACA policies.

Prescriptions are another concern. Most short term plans will cover Tier I & II generic prescriptions, but not the more expensive, higher Tier ones. If you are on one or more expensive prescriptions, you might be better off with an ACA policy.

And short term policies from United Healthcare require medical underwriting. This means you can be turned down for coverage due to ongoing or past health issues. ACA plans don’t do that. And even if you are accepted, preexisting conditions might not be covered. These would be conditions you’ve been treated for recently.

Competitive Niche For UHC Insurance Plans

UHC policies are competitive in many age groups for individual, families and groups. Our clients enjoy their large nationwide network and affordable rates.

In summary, United Healthcare offers several affordable plans with different coinsurance and deductible options.  Affordability, network strength, and underwriting options are their most attractive features. As with all insurance, it is important to read the brochure and/or policy provisions for possible exclusions. Contact us to learn more.

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Last updated on April 1st, 2021