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There is good news for those who need stand alone dental and vision insurance. United Healthcare, through their subsidiary Golden Rule now offers dental and vision insurance in several states.

Coverage is available for individuals and families from over 70,000 providers nationwide. There are several states offering coverage and in most places you will have several different plans to choose from. Vision can be added to any dental plan or purchased on its own.

United Healthcare Insurance

  • Affordable Monthly Rates
  • Four Dental Options In Most Areas
  • Two Vision Insurance Plans
  • Large Networks Of Providers
  • Coverage Can Begin Immediately

United Healthcare Dental and Vision

This is actual dental and vision insurance, not a discount plan. There is a large network of vision providers in several states.  The insured can go out of network for exams and purchases, but the most affordable benefits will be realized by staying in network.

As this is a new plan, it is not available in all states yet, but should be widely offered soon.  The vision plan, when coupled with dental coverage, can be purchased in Ohio, Missouri, Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Pennsylvania and several other states.

There is no underwriting needed in order to apply for coverage.  There will be a short waiting period for basic and/or major services to commence with the United HealthCare dental plans, but no waiting period for routine cleanings.  The vision coverage takes affect on the desired enrollment date.

UHC Vision Insurance Cost and Benefits

The cost is approximately nine dollars per month per person.  In-network coverage includes:

  • Eye exam every 12 months ($10 copay)
  • Frames every 24 months ($25 copay)
  • Most lenses every 12 months ($25 copay)
  • Contact in lieu of glasses ($25 copay)

If frames and lenses are purchased at the same time, then only once copay amount is due.  Not all frames and contacts are covered – therefore there is an allowance of $50 wholesale or $130 retail depending on the provider.  There is no copay for non-selection lenses and contacts.

United Healthcare Dental Insurance Coverage Options

UHC Dental and Vision InsuranceThe dental insurance options accompanying the vision insurance coverage are also comprehensive.  In most states, there are either two or four plans to choose from – each with a varying level of coverage.

The two plans are similar in benefits except that the Value Plan requires the insured to use in-network dentists whereas the Premier Plan does not.  The insured will enjoy monthly savings on their premium by selecting the Value Plan and using the UHC dental network.

In summary, United Healthcare (United Health One) through Golden Rule Insurance Company is already known for offering very affordable health insurance plans in most states.  Coverage can be purchased in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Florida, Pennsylvania as well as several other states.

They have increased their offerings and thus their appeal by offering vision and dental insurance to prospective insureds as well.  Click on the UHC logo above to view quotes, compare benefits and to enroll online direct.

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Last updated on March 26th, 2021