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United American Medicare Supplement Insurance Quotes & Coverage

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Our independent agency now offers United American Medicare supplement insurance direct to consumer in several states. There are no markups or additional costs to request quotes and/or purchase Medigap policies while using our services.

That is one of the primary advantages of working with an insurance agency like ours; you can view the direct rates from several different carriers side by side without having to contact each company directly.  And several companies (like UA) only offer policies through their agents.

About The Company And Its Products

United American was founded in 1947 and has an A+ rating with A.M. Best. They have kept this rating for 35 + years which is a testament to their financial strength, size and stability.  Very few insurance companies can boast of such a high rating for such a long period of time.

UA offers a wide variety of insurance products in the life and health markets.  Policy offerings include life, health, critical illness, cancer, Part D, group retiree and Medigap coverage.  They may be best known as a Medicare supplement provider however.

Like many insurance providers, UA offers a few niche products in certain states that are very competitively priced.  One such product is High Deductible Plan F and one such area is the state of Florida.

United American Medicare Supplements In Florida

The demographics and cost of health care in Florida usually make for expensive insurance products for seniors.  There are only a handful of Medicare supplement insurance providers in Florida that offer competitively priced policies.

Fortunately, United American is one of those companies.  At present, they offer some of the lowest priced High Deductible F Plans across the state.  That is great for seniors who want a low priced Medicare insurance plan with a reasonable deductible.  (As of 2012, the HD Plan F deductible is $2,070 yearly.)

In fact, High Deductible Plan F will usually be nearly $100 less per month than a traditional Plan F.  For those who are looking for lower monthly premiums, but are leery of Medicare Advantage coverage, then HD Plan F with United American can be a very good choice.

High Deductible Plan F Medigap Expenses

With HD Plan F, seniors know exactly what their out-of-pocket exposure will be on a yearly basis.  There is the added benefit of not having to worry about network or restrictions for care out of state.

Like all traditional Medicare supplements, HD Plan F has no network restrictions.  Policy holders can receive care from any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare assignment – both in state and out of state.

Like all Medigap plans, High Deductible Plan F premiums are likely to increase year over year, but it helps when the percentage increase affects a much smaller starting number.

And The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services can increase the HD F deductible, but any changes will affect all plans – both new and existing.  For instance, the HD F deductible was $2000 in 2011.

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Hyers and Associates is a full service Medicare supplement insurance brokerage offering policies direct to consumer across the United States.

We license with dependable and reputable providers so that our clients can purchase the Medigap coverage that best suits their needs.  We can also help with prescription Part D coverage.

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