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The Need for Medical Insurance Coverage

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As the race for Governor heats up in Ohio, there is some tough talk from both camps on the need to get Ohioans insured. In our mind, it is doubtful that health insurance will become mandatory or that our state government will subsidize plans anytime soon, but opening a dialogue on this important topic is a start.

Editors Note: We were wrong. Health insurance is mandatory now.

It was not long ago that Massachusetts passed legislation requiring its residents to purchase health insurance and it may be that other states follow this groundbreaking precedent. Time will tell, but clearly governments are beginning to rethink their positions on this topic as large health related bills cut into their tight budgets.

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We have made it easier than ever to purchase coverage online and direct. By working with several carriers direct, we can offer plans with very basic benefits as well as plans which provide comprehensive coverage.

Additionally, we provide high deductible plans combined with health savings accounts for consumers wanting to utilize policies with tax advantages. Whether you shopping for a student, individual, family or a small business we can find an appropriate plan for you.

Insurance companies have made it very easy to compare plans by providing agencies like ours with links that allow consumers to research plans, compare prices, choose networks and ultimately purchase coverage online with no need for visits by the insurance man (or woman) or time consuming paperwork.

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