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Medicare Advantage plans are relatively new products in the insurance marketplace. In a nutshell, they allow consumers to opt out of traditional government provided Medicare coverage, forgo Medicare Supplement coverage and enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan with a private insurance company like Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Humana or United Health Care.

Advantage plans are designed to provide Medicare type coverage while also filling in some of the uncovered gaps. Typically, plans will have small co-pay amounts due for certain services. (It is our opinion that Medicare eligible consumers who qualify for and can afford a Medicare supplement will have superior coverage to those on an Advantage plan.)

Medicare Disability Insurance Coverage For Those Under Age 65

However, there are consumers who cannot qualify for supplemental insurance. They might be on Medicare disability and under age 65. Most insurance companies will not underwrite a disabled person under age 65 for a Medicare Supplement*. This will vary by state however. While Ohio and Indiana will not sell Medicare supplements to those under age 65, Pennsylvania and California will.

A Medicare eligible consumer living in a state that does nor offer supplemental plans to those under age 65 will likely be better off with an Advantage plan than without. An Advantage plan might be the only option available to help fill some of the uncovered gaps.

And there are those who will not be able to afford a supplemental plan. In these cases, popular Medigap plans such as F, G & N are financially out of reach for consumers on a tight budget. Additionally, a select few seniors might not have enrolled in a Medigap plan during their open enrollment period. If their health has significantly deteriorated, private insurers will not underwrite them for a supplement.

Compare Medicare Insurance Plans and Quotes

Your options will depend on where you live. Some consumers will prefer a Medicare Advantage plan to a supplement based on price and some will prefer a Medicare supplement based on benefits. One size does not fit all. Fortunately, we offer both supplements and Advantage plans and can help you compare and contrast both. Contact us for quotes today!

*It is important to note that upon attaining age 65, almost all consumers are eligible for a Medicare Supplement plan regardless of health history.

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