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Health Insurance for DependentsNew state and federal laws allow Ohio residents to keep children insured on a parent’s health insurance policy past age 23.

Federal and State laws only require coverage is offered to age 26.

Those who are insured through an employer based group health insurance plan – and those who have purchased individual or family insurance – can keep their children covered longer under these rules.

State and Federal Eligibility Requirements

Under the state of Ohio law, there are eligibility requirements. The prospective insured must be:

  • Unmarried
  • A natural child, step-child or legally adopted
  • Not yet age 26
  • Resident of Ohio or full-time student
  • Not employed by a company offering eligible health benefits
  • Ineligible for Medicare or Medicaid

Under Federal law the child can be married or unmarried but must be:

  • A child of the employee as defined under the group policy
  • Not yet age 26
  • Not have group coverage from their own employer plan

It is important to note that the child does not need to be financially dependent on the parent(s) in order to qualify for coverage under the new state and federal health care reform laws. Additionally, parents should be able to write off their child’s monthly premiums for income tax purposes as before.

Health Insurance Plans – Adding Dependents

The state law in Ohio takes effect July 1, 2010. Parents can request to add their children on an existing group or individual plan during the first renewal date of their policy. All new policies issued after July 1 will automatically allow for the addition of older dependents.

The state law applies to group policies that include coverage for dependents as well as COBRA and state continuation coverage.  It is important to note that not all employer offered group health insurance policies offer coverage to dependents.

Ohio law also offers extended coverage to those who purchase individual and family health insurance on their own  if group coverage is unavailable to them.  All plans including basic, standard, open enrollment, and conversion plans will fall under the new state law.

Federal Implementation of Health Care Law

The Federal law will go into effect on September 23, 2010. It applies to group plans as well as individual health insurance that provides benefits for dependents. Self insured ERISA plans are also covered.

For Ohio residents, the Federal law only requires health insurance coverage is offered to age 26. Thus, insurers offering group or family health insurance coverage in Ohio will need to abide by the state law up to age 26.

Requirements for Employer Health Insurance Plans

Employers who do not offer health insurance for dependents will not be required to do so under these laws. Nor will they be required to offer coverage to a spouse of the insured.  These laws only affect group plans currently providing coverage for children of the insured.

You can learn more about current rules and regulations concerning the Affordable Care Act at the Ohio Department of Insurance.

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Last updated on February 16th, 2022