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Whether you manage a small or large number of employees, it can be a painstaking and time consuming process to obtain group health insurance quotes in Ohio. If you have a new business or are shopping for better rates on your existing plan, correctly filling out applications with several companies can be a tedious process for your employees.

The advent of healthcare reform has made things even more complicated.  And the group insurance exchange rollout has been even worse than the individual exchange.  In short, you still need an agent.

Universal Group Census For Health Insurance Quotes

The good news is we have a simple census form that can be used to run quotes with all of the major carriers here in Ohio including: Aetna, Anthem BCBS, Humana, Medical Mutual and United Healthcare.  The group size must between two and fifty employees. 

The simplicity of this new application makes quoting small and medium sized business groups in Ohio much easier than before. Less paperwork is needed and should the employer choose one of the aforementioned insurance companies, then enrollment can be quick and easy.

Underwriting and Group Insurance Enrollment in Ohio

From beginning to end, underwriting and enrolling a new small group or transferring an existing small group with any carrier can take a month or more depending on the number of employees electing coverage. Employers and their human resources staff should count on quite a bit of back and forth before everything is in place.  Thus it is always a good idea to get the process started as soon as possible.

While no one person can be denied coverage, group health insurance providers can be meticulous in their approach.   They may want to know about your previous coverage and will also want to see tax forms including your wage and tax report.  In other words, they want to make sure that you are an actual company with employees.

The Agent’s Role In Group Health Insurance

We negotiate with each carrier in order to lower the group’s risk factor – and in many cases we are successful. Insurance providers are trying to win your business just like you are trying to win the business of your clientele. Negotiations are always part of this process.  We have good relationships with all of the carriers mentioned above as well as some other niche players and we will work diligently to negotiate the best premiums for our clients.

Hyers and Associates, Inc. is an independent agency serving the entire state of Ohio and beyond.  We work with Aetna, Anthem, Medical Mutual, United Healthcare and several other insurance providers and can provide a universal application to your employees for quoting and enrollment purposes.  Should you have any questions about your health insurance and/or benefit options, please contact us today.

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