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Tennessee Health Insurance Quotes

We provide health insurance quotes for Tennessee residents direct from several carriers. Our independent agency will help you find individual, family, short term or group coverage. We serve all of TN including Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville and all places in between.

Affordable medical coverage can be purchased from our agency through leading carriers such as Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, United Healthcare – Golden Rule, and others. Prices are controlled by law so you will not find better rates on your health insurance online or in person.

Individual and Family Insurance Coverage

Health Insurance CoverageWe offer medical coverage to both individuals and families. If you are starting a business, self employed, between jobs, losing parental coverage, or in need of an alternative to COBRA, then we can help you.

We have several benefit designs, deductibles, co-payments, and coinsurance options. Our comprehensive plans include doctors visits, preventive care, and prescription drug coverage. Deductibles will start at $250 per individual and coinsurance can  be set at 100%. There are no longer lifetime maximums on individual policies.

Tennessee Maternity Insurance Plans

As part of the Affordable Care Act, all health insurance plans must cover maternity expenses. The only factors that will affect your costs will be the out-of-pocket expenses associated with the plan you choose. You will need to purchase insurance during the open enrollment window if you are not experiencing a qualifying life event however.

Your premiums will vary depending on whether you choose to purchase insurance on or off of the federal exchange. If you qualify for a tax credit, then the only place you can buy health insurance and get a subsidy will be on the exchange. We can help you find coverage both on and off the federal website depending on your needs.

Short Term Health Insurance Quotes

Most carriers offer short term health insurance. These are inexpensive plans that offer coverage for as little as one month on up to one year. Short term plans are wise if you know that you will have permanent group coverage at the end of the selected term.

Otherwise, it may be a good idea to purchase a permanent plan that can be cancelled at a later date. This will assure that you will not be denied a policy because of poor health if you need to reapply for coverage later. Underwriting standards are less strict for short term coverage, so it’s easy to qualify. Short term health insurance will not satisfy the Obamacare requirements and avoid penalties however.

Employer Group Coverage and Voluntary Benefits

We work with employer based business groups both large and small. We quote from reputable, well known carriers to provide group health insurance as well as ancillary benefits. Dental, vision, life, disability and long term care coverage are all offered as a package, on a stand alone basis, or as a voluntary benefit.

There will be some companies that are more competitive than others when shopping in the group marketplace. The size of your group will be the most important factor in determining who will offer your company the best rates. Please contact us here for group health insurance quotes.

Health Savings Account Qualified Plans

Only Tennessee health insurance policies with higher deductibles can be coupled with a health savings account (HSA for short). In return for lower premiums, the insured can pay for incidental expenses out of their health savings account. Once the deductible has been reached, then coverage usually begins in full – depending on the plan selected. Preventive care will not be subject to the deductible and is therefore not an out of pocket expense.

Funds deposited into a HSA can be deducted from your income taxes each year. Deposits grow tax-deferred and will earn interest based on the declared savings rate at your chosen bank or financial institution. Still other plans allow for mutual funds and other market related instruments to be used with the HSA deposits.

When needed, funds can be withdrawn tax-free to pay for qualified medical expenses. For example, monies could be used to reach a deductible or coinsurance amount, as well as pay for prescriptions and dental and vision bills. Unused funds remain in the account year after year for future medical expenses and always belong to the insured – even if the health coverage is later terminated.

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We are an independent agency specializing in health insurance plans both on and off the federal exchange. Contact us to learn more about your options and to stay compliant with the law.