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Individual And Family Insurance In South Carolina

South Carolina Health Life Insurance QuotesWe offer individual and family health insurance plans – both on and off the exchange in South Carolina.

You can compare all Affordable Care Act – Marketplace plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield, Ambetter, Bright Health and Molina by clicking on the green button on the right.

These companies offer comprehensive networks of doctors and hospitals. One size does not fit all however. We can help you find the plans that best fit your needs, budget and network preferences. Cost is not always the determining factor.

Plans to choose from on Exchange are Catastrophic, Bronze, Expanded Bronze, Silver and Gold. Catastrophic and Bronze plans are the least expensive while Gold is the most. Silver and Expanded Bronze plans are most popular with our clients.

If you’re eligible for a tax-credit, then you may see the most value in a Silver plan depending on your level. Those below certain income thresholds will have lower deductibles and out of pocket exposure as well.

By rule, all plans must cover preventive care for adults and children. No matter the plan you choose, there will be no out of pocket costs for routine physicals, OBGYN visits, well-child care, vaccinations and the like. All plans must cover maternity as well.

South Carolina Health Insurance Exchange Plans

We can help you navigate the marketplace and understand how tax credits work. As mentioned above, your income can also affect your plan benefits as well. And that’s a good thing.

The number of people applying for insurance and your projected income for the current year will affect your subsidy. If your income is below certain thresholds, you may also qualify Medicaid. If your income is too high, then you pay the full price for a Marketplace plan.

There are no medical questions to be answered on or off the exchange. You cannot be turned down for health reasons. Insurance companies can only increase your rates based on tobacco use, but that’s all.

If you are applying outside of open enrollment, then you will need a “qualifying life event” to enroll in coverage. These events might include: involuntarily loss of coverage, getting married, giving birth, losing COBRA, etc.

Short Term Health Insurance Coverage In South Carolina

If you find yourself between jobs – or if you have a waiting period before your group health insurance begins – we can help. We offer short term policies that can cover just a few months or a couple of years.

It’s important to note that short term health insurance plans do not meet the standards of what is referred to as “Minimum Essential Coverage.” This means they do not cover all of the benefits an ACA plan will.

If you have preexisting conditions, desire maternity coverage, or take expensive prescriptions, then ACA coverage might be best. Otherwise a short term plan can offer lower rates and strong coverage for the unknown.

Typically we see our younger, healthier clients purchase short term health insurance policies. We offer these policies from Aetna, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Cigna, National General, United Healthcare and others.

Understanding Health Savings Accounts – HSAs

We also offer HSA qualified health insurance plans in South Carolina. Typically HSA type coverage is some of the least expensive available – and it keeps you compliant with the ACA.

You will have the option of setting up a Health Savings Account and funding it each year up to the IRS mandated limits. Your contributions grow tax deferred and can be withdrawn tax free for qualified medical expenses. The monies always belong to you – not the insurance company.

Contributions are above and beyond any premiums you pay to the insurance company, but the funds are yours. They carry over each year even if they are not used. Should you cancel your health insurance policy later, your contributions still belong to you. (Click here to learn more about health savings accounts.)

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We are here to help South Carolina residents navigate the world of health insurance. There’s a lot to know and we can help you find the plan that keeps you safely insured while reducing your out of pocket exposure.

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