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Pennsylvania Health Insurance Quotes

Our independent health insurance agency provides individual, family and group quotes and coverage in Pennsylvania. We can help you with plans both on and off the federal exchange.

We offer affordable health insurance from well-rated carriers such as Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (Highmark), Golden Rule, Humana and United Healthcare. Using our online portals, you can easily compare quotes direct and online.

Comparing Pennsylvania Health Insurance Quotes

Health Insurance CoverageWe offer health plans for all situations. If you are in need of permanent coverage to stay compliant with the law or a short term plan to cover you until new coverage begins, we can help.

Most importantly, we can help you understand what the new rules mean for enrolling in insurance. We can explain your option during the Open Enrollment window as well as what to do when you have a qualifying life event.

Federal law prevents agencies from providing discounts, so you will not find better prices anywhere else. With our agency, you are buying your health insurance directly from the chosen provider, but through us as your guide.

And you may find that speaking with one of our knowledgeable agents before enrolling will be very helpful now and in the future. Some applicants may qualify for a tax credit or subsidy, so it is important to know whether to buy insurance on or off the exchange.

Understanding Qualifying Life Events & Health Insurance

If you are outside of the Open Enrollment window, then you will need a qualifying life event in order to purchase new coverage. In most cases, this is something as simple as involuntarily losing coverage from somewhere else. In others, events like getting married, having a child, moving or a change in subsidy eligibility will provide you with an eligibility window.

These Special Enrollment Periods don’t last long – so it’s important to take advantage of them right away. The government allows for a 60 day window to find new coverage. If you miss this two month period, then you may not be able to purchase anything other than a short term plan. And short term health insurance does not avoid the Obamacare penalties.

Small Group Medical Insurance Coverage In Pennsylvania

By most insurance accounting standards, a small group is one with less than 50 members. Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare are some of the more well known carriers offering major medical plans for both small and large employer based groups. Plans can also include life, disability, dental and vision benefits if desired.

We can help you compare plans if you are considering offering group coverage or simply shopping for lower rates on your existing plan. In order to receive accurate quotes, we will need a company census detailing the demographics of your group. You can request group quotes here.

Low Cost High Deductible Health Savings Accounts

Gaining in popularity are tax-favored savings accounts that can be coupled with a high deductible health insurance policy.  These plans are referred to as Health Savings Accounts or HSAs. They are only an option with certain individual and group plans.

Money deposited into a health savings account can be deducted from your income taxes each year – up to certain limitations. Deposits grow tax-deferred and gain interest based on current savings rates or the performance of chosen investments. When needed, funds can be withdrawn tax-free for qualified medical expenses – expenses such as reaching a deductible or coinsurance amount, dental and vision bills, or prescription drug costs.

Unused funds remain in the account year after year for future medical expenses and always belong to the insured – even after the policy is cancelled. Upon cancellation however, accumulated monies in an account may lose their tax favored status depending on how they are spent.

Request Quotes, Enrollment & Agent Assistance

There are no additional costs whatsoever to use our agency when enrolling online or in person. The prices are the same, but you will get the one-on-one help you might need to find the best health insurance in Pennsylvania for you, your family, or your business.

United Healthcare Insurance In PA

United Health One

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  • Very Affordable Monthly Rates
  • Short Term Plans (1-12 months)
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Dental and Vision Coverage
  • Large Nationwide Network