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North Carolina Health Insurance Plans

Our independent agency offers health insurance quotes and coverage in North Carolina direct. Individual, family, student, short and long term medical coverage can be quoted online and purchased direct. We are available for free consultation as well; feel free to contact us.

There are no fees or commissions to use our services. Health insurance prices are controlled by law, so you will not find better rates anywhere else – online or in person. We are your one-stop shop for health insurance both on and off of the federal exchange.

Family Health Insurance Plans In North Carolina

North Carolina Health Life Insurance QuotesIf you are in need of family health insurance coverage, then you are in the right place. Using our years of expertise, we can help you compare and enroll in the plan that best meets your needs and budget.

Purchasing health insurance on your own can be an intimidating process. Using an experienced agency will help eliminate the guesswork. There are several coverage options to choose from now. We can help you quickly narrow down your options.

Whether you need maternity coverage or if you want something less comprehensive, we can help. By law, all Affordable Care Act Marketplace plans now must cover preventive care at no cost. This is helpful for those needing coverage regular visits to the OBGYN, well child exams and vaccinations.

North Carolina Health Insurance Marketplace Plans

We offer health insurance from several companies in North Carolina. Some of our many carriers include:  Aetna, Ambetter, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC, Bright Health, Cigna, Humana, Oscar, United Healthcare and Wellcare among others. In today’s ever-changing insurance market, it is important to work with an independent agency to find your most affordable options.

In many parts of North Carolina, Aetna, BCBS, Cigna and UHC are most popular. They have a large network and several plans to choose from. You can quote all ACA plans in your area by clicking on the green button on the right.

It’s important to note you can no longer be declined health insurance due to a preexisting condition. Unless you are experiencing a qualifying life event however, you will need to purchase health insurance during open enrollment. Insurance companies can only increase your rates due to tobacco use, but they can’t deny you coverage or increase your rates due to health reasons.

We offer all “metal” plans including: Catastrophic, Bronze, Expanded Bronze, Silver, & Gold. We will help you find the health plan with the benefits that best suits your needs and budget. If you qualify for a tax credit, then we will assist with plans on the federal Marketplace.

Short Term Health Insurance Coverage in NC

We also provide assistance if you are in need of short term health insurance coverage to bridge gaps. Many of our clients also use these policies for years at at time to capture lower rates. Short term coverage is more appropriate for younger, healthier individuals with no preexisting conditions.

Most short term health plans will have a maximum term of one year. These policies can be renewed, but medical underwriting will be required after the first term has expired – which means that you can be declined if your health has changed.

Thus, it’s sometimes wise to purchase a permanent policy and pay month-to-month if you need coverage for longer than six months. Short term insurance is a better fit for those who need to cover a known short duration of time before new coverage begins.

Health Savings Accounts And HSA Qualified Plans

Health savings accounts are a great way for individuals and families to lower their monthly premiums. They can also use the tax advantages offered by these qualified health plans.

Typically, HSA plans are less expensive than traditional coverage. They also offer a savings account that can be used on a tax advantaged basis to cover the majority of incidental health expenses.

In a nutshell, HSA qualified plans allow you to set-up an investment account (typically a bank savings account) with your own money – separate from the premiums paid to your insurance company. You pay your premiums to the insurer and fund the HSA from other discretionary funds.

The monies you contribute to your HSA can be written off against your income taxes each year, will grow on a tax-deferred basis, and can be withdrawn on a tax-free basis for qualified medical expenses. Meeting the deductible, paying for a prescription or doctor’s visit, and several other assorted medical costs are all considered qualified medical expenses.

There are certain annual contribution limits to a HSA, but your deposits will always remain for your use even if when unused each year. This is also true if you later enroll in new health insurance plan that is not HSA qualified. All leftover funds always belong to the account owner – never the insurance company.

(Learn more about health savings accounts)

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The nice thing about working with our independent insurance agency is there are no additional fees to use us. We will help you compare and contrast all of the insurance plans in North Carolina. Our goal is to help you find the coverage that best suits your needs and budget.

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