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Georgia Health Insurance Quotes & Coverage

Our agency provides health insurance in Georgia to individuals, families and small businesses. We offer affordable plans from the leading carriers such as Aetna, Anthem, Humana and United Healthcare.

We serve all of GA – including Atlanta, Macon and Albany. Using our independent agency, you can compare several insurance plans from carriers offering coverage both on and off the exchange in your area. Prices are controlled by law, so you will not find better rates anywhere else – online or in person.

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Humana Health Insurance Quotes


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  • Very Competitively Priced
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Individual & Family Plans
  • Stand Alone Dental Coverage
  • Stand Alone Vision Insurance

Aetna Health Insurance Plans


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  • No Cost Preventive Care
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Nationwide Networks
  • Add-On Dental Coverage
  • Value and Comprehensive Plans

Comparing Health Insurance Coverage & Quotes in Georgia

Health Insurance CoverageYou could be without health coverage for any number of reasons. Maybe you are in-between jobs, starting a small business, self employed, losing parental coverage or shopping for less expensive alternatives to COBRA.

We provide short term, permanent and Obamacare compliant plans to fit any situation – and avoid penalties. By clicking on the logos above, you can enroll direct with two of our most popular and affordable carriers in Georgia.

We offer policies with a wide range of benefits, deductibles and co-payment options. Whether you want a comprehensive Gold Plan with all of the bells and whistles or a basic Bronze Plan with a larger deductible, we can help. We offer health plans both on and off the federal exchange.

Several Deductible, Coinsurance, Office Copay & Rx Options

Plan deductibles, copay amounts and policy coinsurance will vary from plan to plan. All carriers will offer the standard plans that are classified in metal form. There are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum coverage options. There are also less expensive catastrophic (on-exchange) plans for young adults.

The better the metal, the less out of pocket and the more expensive the plan – unless you qualify for a tax credit or subsidy based on your income. Those who qualify for a subsidy can see their premiums cut in half and in some cases will have no cost at all. We can help you understand how and where to shop depending on your individual or family needs.

High Deductible Health Savings Account Qualified Plans

Some of the least expensive health insurance plans in Georgia will be Health Saving Account high deductible policies. Our clients like the affordability, tax advantages, and flexibility associated with these unique coverage options.

Funds deposited in an HSA can be written-off, grow tax-deferred and withdrawn tax-free for qualified medical expenses. HSA plans are ideal for those who are comfortable paying incidental expenses out of pocket, but who also want comprehensive coverage should a major claim arise.

Qualified medical expenses can include meeting a deductible or coinsurance amount, prescription costs and dental & vision expenses among many others. Any remaining funds in the account grow tax deferred year after year for future expenses. All deposits are owned and managed by the insured for their lifetime. Should the health insurance plan later be cancelled, all unused funds still belong to the insured – not the insurance company.

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With all of the changes to health insurance, enrolling in a plan can be confusing. We offer health insurance coverage in Georgia both on and off the exchange and can help you understand your best options. Contact us today.