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Health Insurance Coverage

We provide permanent insurance on the Marketplace from all companies including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona, Cigna, Health Net, Humana, Oscar and Bright Health.

We also offer short term health insurance coverage from Aetna, Cigna and United Healthcare. Many of these plans fill short gaps or will cover a year or more when needed. Short term plan are medically underwritten and don’t cover preexisting conditions – so they are not right for everyone.

If you’re outside of the Open Enrollment window, then you will need a Qualifying Life Event in order to purchase ACA Marketplace coverage. If you have no such event, then we can help you with a short term plan to bridge the gap.

Marketplace plans have no underwriting and are the only ones that offer tax-credits. They are a good fit for many so long as the network of doctors and hospitals fits your needs. We can help you search for plans based on your providers, prescriptions, income and other relevant factors.

Depending on your income, you may also qualify for Medicaid assistance. You can learn more about Medicaid qualifications and income limits by clicking here.

You can also visit the Arizona Department of Insurance for additional assistance.

Health Savings Accounts – High Deductible Plans

Health savings accounts coupled with high deductible health plans are great options for those interested in tax advantages. Funds deposited in a HSA are tax deductible, grow tax deferred, and can be withdrawn tax free for qualified medical expenses.

The accumulated funds always belong to the insured even if the policy is later cancelled. Deposits can be used to pay pay the deductible, coinsurance amounts, prescriptions, dental work, vision expenses, as well as other I.R.S. qualified expenses.

By law, all insurance plans including HSA qualified policies must cover preventive care without the insured first reaching the deductible. This means that all mandated preventive service will have no cost to the insured.

Only plans sold on the Federal Marketplace offer HSA policies. Short term plans do not offer these provisions, so please contact us if you are interested in a HSA qualified plan.

Using An Independent Broker

Purchasing health insurance is complicated. The Affordable Care Act introduced a few wrinkles that might make it more difficult to find the coverage you and/or your family need.

If you are enrolling outside of Open Enrollment, you have to prove your eligibility to the Marketplace. They won’t accept you automatically. And there are timelines. Wait too long and you won’t’ be accepted.

A soon as you know you’re losing coverage, then it’s best to contact an insurance broker like us. You want to discuss your current needs. One size does not fit all. And if you go with a short term plan, then you need to make sure it ends when new insurance might be available. Ending your short term health insurance plan outside of Open Enrollment can be a mistake. You might not qualify for a new plan – and no Marketplace plans might be available.

It’s wise to make sure you know how everything works before choosing a permanent plan on the Exchange or short term policy to bridge a gap.

Request Quotes, Coverage & Enrollment Assistance

We offer health insurance in Arizona in the individual, family and Medicare marketplaces. Our independent brokerage serves the entire state and can help you find the coverage that best suits your needs and budget.

We’ll help you shop for medical insurance both on and off the federal exchange. Our brokers help explain tax credits, open enrollment and what to do when you have a qualifying life event.

There is never any cost to use our services. Comparing health plans in AZ is simple with Hyers and Associates!