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If you are looking for Ohio health insurance plans in Columbus, Cleveland or Cincinnati -then you are in the right place. Our Ohio based independent insurance agency offers coverage from several carriers both on and off the federal exchange.

In our opinion, it is important to work with an Ohio based insurance agency if that’s your state of residence. Using our expertise, we can help you find the plan(s) with the most comprehensive networks and lowest prices. A broker from another state may not offer coverage from regional carriers like Medical Mutual or InHealth and that can be to your disadvantage.

Your best options will also depend on the type of insurance you are looking for and whether you will benefit most from a plan purchased on or off the federal exchange. We can help and it doesn’t cost you a penny more to place your coverage with our agency.

Columbus Ohio Health Insurance Quotes & Enrollment

There are several reasonably priced carriers in Columbus offering health insurance plans. Medical Mutual is popular as is Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Other carriers that are often purchased are Aetna and United Healthcare. And InHealth is gaining traction although they are a co-op and new to the marketplace.

But you are not shopping on price alone. Network availability is very important. Your health insurance plan does you little good if few doctors and hospitals accept it. In other words, you may not benefit from purchasing the cheapest plan you find. You should consider several variables and not just price alone.

And networks can differ based on whether you purchase your plan on or off the federal exchange. Of course, you can only obtain a tax credit on the exchange, but if you are not eligible due to your income, then it may be wise to purchase coverage off the exchange as your chosen carrier’s network might be larger. Our agency can help you understand the differences.

Cincinnati Health Insurance Quotes & Coverage

There are a couple of carriers that offer affordable health insurance in Cincinnati, but Humana is best in many cases. They have very competitive rates in the southern part of Ohio as well as a robust network of doctors and hospitals.

Humana is more widely known for their senior insurance policies like Medicare supplements and Advantage plans, but they should also be considered for traditional individual, family and small business health insurance in and around the Cincinnati area. We can help you compare their plans and quotes during open enrollment or if you are experiencing a qualifying life event.

We understand that one size does not fit all, but the purpose of this article is to point out how different carriers are more competitively priced in certain areas of Ohio. If Humana is not a good fit for any of our Cincinnati clients, then we will help them find an insurance company that is more suitable.

Cleveland Ohio Health Insurance Exchange Plans

Medical Mutual offers some of the lowest prices on health insurance in northern Ohio as well as several other parts of the state – including Toledo. MMO is also a popular pick as they have the largest network of doctors and hospitals in all of Ohio. Choice is good.

Medical Mutual has grown over the years to be a very prominent insurance carrier in Ohio and beyond. They may be new to some prospective buyers, but they should not be dismissed. Most doctors accept them and their prices are very reasonable.

If there is one drawback to Medical Mutual, it’s that there is no out of pocket limit to the cost of care received out of network. Like all health insurance plans, it’s best to stay in network when possible. As MMO has the largest network in Ohio and a significant out of state presence as well, this is usually not an issue for our clients.

Should I Buy Insurance From An Agent Or The Exchange?

You can do both. Again, health insurance prices are controlled by law. It does not matter who or from where your purchase originates, the cost will be the same. Thus, it may be wise to use an agent. It won’t cost a penny more and you may benefit from their insight and experience – especially considering all of the changes from health care reform.

The only place you can receive a tax-credit or government subsidized plan however is from the federal exchange. Our brokers are equipped to guide you through which Silver plans will provide the most savings and lowest premiums. In our experience, Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield is currently offering some of the most affordable subsidized plans on the exchange.

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We are a full service Ohio health insurance agency. Our independent agents and brokers can help you find the plans that best suit your needs and budget.

Whether your are in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo or the Akron/Canton area, give us a call and we’ll help you enroll in the health insurance plan that will keep you protected and compliant with the law.

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Last updated on January 23rd, 2017