Dental and Vision Insurance Quotes

Only a few insurance providers offer comprehensive dental and vision insurance coverage to their policies. Most often an individual or family health plan will only include a discount card for these services.

We offer comprehensive dental plans from Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Assurant Health, Humana, Medical Mutual, Primestar and United Healthcare. View the direct rates and enroll online below.

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United Healthcare Dental Insurance

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Humana Dental Insurance

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Assurant Dental Insurance Coverage

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Anthem BCBS Dental Insurance

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Eligibility And Dental Insurance Waiting Periods

Dental and Vision InsuranceIndividuals 18 years of age or older and their dependents of any age are eligible for coverage. Seniors above age 65 may also apply for coverage with most companies.

Routine preventive services (cleanings), basic services (fillings & simple extractions), major services (such as oral surgery, root canals and crowns) and orthodontic services will be covered, depending on the plan selected.*

Most dental insurance coverage will have a waiting period for major service, but some waiting periods are shorter than others. Most plans however will pay more toward basic and major services after 12 months.

Vision Insurance Coverage

Humana offers stand-alone vision coverage whereas most others require vision to be included with a dental plan. Assurant Health does not offer vision insurance. Vision must be included with a dental plan when purchased from United Healthcare.

(The preceding is a simple explanation of coverage. Please refer to your policy for a full explanation of benefits.)

*Waiting periods and deductibles will apply to certain services and some major services are covered to a predetermined percentage.