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The Ease of Purchasing Health Insurance Online

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The Internet has changed many industries for the better. Consumers want accurate and timely information at the touch of a button.

The Internet  is playing a major role in the insurance industry and in the process making more information are real time quotes available with the click of a mouse.  Even better, consumers can enroll in coverage direct and online at no additional cost!

We embrace this change at Hyers and Associates. As independent insurance brokers, it suits us and our customer’s interests to allow several competitive plans to be compared quickly and accurately. We hope to earn your business and you might be happier with the speed and simplicity of the process.

Does It Cost More To Purchase Insurance Online?

The short answer is no. It does not cost the consumer a penny extra to purchase coverage online through us, direct through the carrier or anywhere else. Prices are controlled by law and these same laws prevent discounting.

The migration to the Internet is slow in some areas, but quick in others. Health insurance is the first prominent coverage that can be easily purchased online. Most carriers allow brokers like us to post direct links to out site so consumers can compare, quote and purchase an individual or family health insurance plan direct.

This is a benefit for those consumers who simply do not want to sit down with an agent who only has one or two companies to present. Depending on your needs, one company might be better than others. For instance, Aetna will not automatically increase your rates if you smoke, where as Anthem Blue Cross is one of the few to offer maternity coverage.

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We imagine that purchasing other insurance policies will eventually be as easy as obtaining health insurance coverage. Medicare Supplement plans might be next. These policies are a nice fit for Internet purchases as web savvy baby boomers turn 65.

Long term care and disability insurance could be right around the corner as well. It will ultimately depend on the demands of the consumer and the innovations of the insurance providers.

We are an independent agency and realize that in many cases you may need help purchasing medical coverage.

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