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SilverScript Part D Drug PlansIf you’re on Medicare, you may be interested in Aetna SilverScript Part D prescription drug plans. For 2022, their SmartRx plan offers the lowest premiums in the country. This will be a great option for those on a few generics or no prescriptions at all.

All three of the Aetna plans for 2022 are competitively priced while offering reasonable copays on many common drugs. Many generics will have a $0 copay when obtained at one of their preferred pharmacies.

We help our Medicare clients enroll directly in the SilverScript plan that best fits their needs. It is wise to compare your options before enrolling in new coverage, however. There may be a policy with another company that is better for you overall. You can click on the green “Compare Plans Now” button on the right to view SilverScript and many other plans side by side. Enrollment is quick, easy, and at no extra cost to you.

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Low Cost 2022 SilverScript Part D Drug Plans

The most popular (and least expensive) policy for 2022 is the SilverScript SmartRx Part D Drug plan. In most states, the premiums are still under $10 a month! This is a great plan for those only on Tier I generics as those will be $0. Tier II will be closer to $19, so it may not be the best plan if some of your drugs fall in Tier II.

Aetna also offers a SilverScript Choice plan that’s approximately $30 a month in most areas of the country. Both the Choice and SmartRx PDP have a $480 deductible for 2022, but you’ll see that Tier I & II drugs are not subject to the deductible.

The Choice plan might be more appropriate for those taking some brand-name prescriptions. It can offer smaller copays on drugs that fall in Tiers III, IV, and V. But one size does not fit all with Medicare drug coverage, so it’s always wise to shop around before enrolling in a new plan. We can help.

Their most comprehensive policy is the SilverScript Plus plan. Unlike the first two, it has no deductible you need to meet. In most areas, it costs approximately $75 a month. It also offers $0 copays on Tier I & II prescriptions and may offer the lowest copays on more expensive, brand-name pharmaceuticals.

Aetna’s Nationwide Network Of Preferred Pharmacies

Additionally, SilverScript members benefit from a large nationwide network of 65,000 well-known pharmacies like CVS, Costco, Giant Eagle, Kroger, Publix, Rite Aid, Safeway, Sam’s Club, Target, Wegmans, Walgreens, Walmart, Winn Dixie, and many others. There are nearly 23,000 preferred pharmacies for the Choice and Plus plans.

The SmartRx PDP will have a smaller network of approximately 18,500 preferred pharmacies. Many on this list above will be included. If you’re flexible on where you shop, then you’ll save overall. It’s just a matter of staying in-network and using a preferred pharmacy.

With some Medicare Part D providers, you can only get the lowest prices at a small handful of pharmacies. That’s not the case with SilverScript which has several large and small options. This is helpful for those living in rural areas and those who spend significant time in more than one state.

They also offer mail order as an option if you would rather have a 90-day supply of your prescription delivered to your home. Whether you fill at your local pharmacy or by mail order, requesting a 90-day supply (when allowed) can lower your copays.

Low Prescription Drug Copays And Out Of Pocket Costs

Compare Medicare Drug PlansWhen shopping for a Part D plan, you’re shopping for more than just the monthly premiums in most cases.

It’s the total picture you want to review. This includes premiums, a deductible if any, drug copays, and the pharmacy you prefer.

In other words, it doesn’t matter if the premiums are low when the copays are very high. Fortunately, the SilverScript SmartRx plan has very low copays on the most common prescriptions. It won’t be the best fit for everyone, but it can be a good choice for those on only Tier I generics. The Choice or Plus plan can also be a good fit if you’re taking more expensive medications.

Unless you have creditable drug coverage elsewhere, you may want to purchase a Part D plan to avoid the Late Enrollment Penalty (LEP) in the future. In many areas of the country, SilverScript has the lowest monthly premiums for 2022. This SmartRx is going to be the best placeholder-type plan for those wanting to remain compliant with the Medicare rules and avoid the Late Enrollment Penalty.

It’s also important to see if you qualify for the Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) program. Those with incomes below certain thresholds will qualify for lower monthly premiums and drug copays without any reductions in coverage.

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It’s important to know there are no Medicare supplement plans sold today offering prescription Part D insurance plans. SilverScript can be a good fit for those looking for a low-cost Medicare drug plan with a large nationwide network of pharmacies to pair with their Medigap policy. Contact us today to learn more.

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Last updated on June 1st, 2022