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Recently, United Healthcare and their subsidiary Golden Rule launched two new dental products in Ohio. They are both competitively priced and offer similar annual benefits to the insured.

Consumers should choose the Dental Value plan if their current dentist is in network or if they are willing to change to an “in network” dentist. The Dental Premier plan is a better choice if the your dentist is out of network.

Fortunately, the United Healthcare network includes more than 77,000 dentists nationwide.  There will be some remote areas in Ohio however where only the Dental Premier plan will be available for purchase.

Dental Insurance Options

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  • Affordable Monthly Rates
  • Up To 4 Plans In Some Areas
  • Combination Health Insurance Plans
  • Opitonal Vision Coverage
  • ACA Compliant Coverage

Both plans require an annual $50 deductible.  A family will only need to satisfy this deductible for up to three people before coverage begins.

Preventive services are covered immediately, basic services have a three month waiting period, and major services will be covered after twelve months.  Thus, it is wise to plan ahead when purchasing dental coverage.  Almost all plans will have some sort of waiting period for basic and/or major services, but not preventive care.

The annual coverage maximum with either plan is $1,000 per person per year.

Ohio Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

Consumers looking for affordable health and dental coverage in Ohio now have more choices with the latest offerings from UHC.  Plans can be purchased separately or combined with any health insurance plan from UHC or any other carrier.

Anthem and Medical Mutual of Ohio also offer dental insurance, but only Medical Mutual offers vision insurance.  If you are in need of a combination health/dental/vision plan, then two of your best options are going to be Golden Rule (United Healthcare) and Medical Mutual.

You can view quotes for all of our health, dental and vision insurance carriers here:

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