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National General offers several different insurance options in both the individual and group markets. They are well-know for their popular short term plans, but also offer dental policies, fixed benefit, cancer stroke, & heart attack plans, hospital indemnity as well as self-insured small group coverage.

National General Enrollment

  • Guaranteed Issue Short Term Coverage
  • Nationwide Aetna Network
  • Cancer, Stroke & Heart Attack
  • Add-On Dental Coverage
  • Zero Underwriting Options

Short Term Health Insurance Options

The Affordable Care Act has made it difficult for some to find coverage that meets their needs and budget.  many have turned to short term coverage to fill gaps and cover the unexpected.  National General aims to meet the needs of those who have been priced-out of Obamacare coverage by offer two different short term health insurance plans. One is medically underwritten and the other can be purchased on a guaranteed issue basis.

Both cover a wide range of medical needs and can be tailored to meet most budgets. The medically underwritten plan is best for those in good health while the guaranteed issue plan works well for those who are content to cover unexpected healthcare needs, but not ongoing conditions.

Both plans can be purchase for 3 months at a time. However, those who wish to cover longer periods of time can purchase up to four 3 month policies at once! This strategy can provide coverage for a full year without worries of future insurability. While short term plans are not ACA compliant, they tend to be much less expensive and can provide peace of mind for the insured – especially when purchased in several 3 months blocks.

Group Coverage That Avoids Penalties

There are two main penalties associated with the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). The first is the A penalty for failure to provide coverage to a group of 50 or more full-time employees. The second is the B penalty and is enforced when your employees purchase subsidized coverage on the Federal Marketplace.

The A penalty is often referred to as the sledgehammer and tends to be much more costly to groups than the B penalty. In order to avoid the B penalty, groups only need to offer Minimum Essential Coverage. These plans can be found for under $50 a month per employee in many instances. A few insurance companies specialize in these plans to help employers stay compliant.

If you wish to offer more comprehensive group health insurance, then a self-funded plan with National General can be a good choice. These fully underwritten plans tend to cost less and work well groups that trend younger and healthier. Several of our clients have save a couple thousand dollars a month using this technique while not sacrificing their benefits.

Dental, Critical Illness, Cancer, Heart Attack, & Stroke

National General offers several ways to fill in your coverage gaps. Whether you are under 65 and on a traditional health plan – or over 65 and on a Medicare supplement or Advantage plan, there are several options to cover unknown accidents and illnesses.

Fixed indemnity and critical illness plans are growing in popularity as more and more insurance plans increase deductibles and cover less. These types of insurance can cover the first dollar costs associated with accidents, illness, cancer, stroke, heart attack and more. Most will pay a fixed amount (you choose the amount at purchase) should one of these events be encountered. This coverage can go a long way in keeping your assets stable in times of need.

Aetna Health Insurance Network Options

National General uses the Aetna network of doctors and hospitals.  If your medical providers accept Aetna, then they should also accept National General Health.  This is a very large, stable network and encompassing many areas across the county.

In summary, National General health is a carrier offering both catastrophic and comprehensive plans to the public.  Those who desire affordable coverage with robust network options should consider their offerings. Working with us, consumers can enroll in a suitable plan for themselves, their family, or their small business.  Contact us today to learn more!

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