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Our clients are in search of competitive yields now more than ever. They simply want a safe and insured account that’s reliable and worry-free.

Nassau Life Insurance Company’s fixed annuity accounts are here to help. They offer some of the best rates in the country on two popular terms. These accounts are suitable for conservative consumers who wish to save and grow their money.

Nassau Annuity Rates & Returns

There are two annuity policies where Nassau offers the highest rates. Those are the 4 and 6 year plans.

CompanyAnnual YieldMinimum $AM BestView BrochureGet Quotes
Nassau 4 Yr Annuity5.75%$5KB++Download >Request Info >
Nassau 6 Yr Annuity6.00%$5KB++Download >Request Info >

How Do I Lock-In These Rates And Start My App?

It’s a simple and secure online application. You can click on any of the “Start Application” links on this page to begin. This process eliminates unnecessary paperwork and assures accurate applications the first time.

If you’re unsure about how to enter any data, give us a call and we’ll assist. We can also complete the online application for you and then send an email for your electronic signature.

There are no fees to use the online application. The rate you see in what you get on your entire deposit. Your data is safe and protected.

What About Transfers, Rollovers & Deposits?

Establishing a fixed annuity account is not always so simple as writing a check. Sometimes it involves a 1035 Exchange, IRA Rollover, Direct Transfer or other request for funds.

We will help you navigate any additional transfer paperwork that may be required. Most financial institutions have some amount of red-tape to cut through. After 25 years in the fixed annuity business, we’ve seen about everything.

We’re here to assist with any needed transfer requirements. We’ll also help make sure all applicable ownership and tax procedures are followed to maintain the integrity of your invested dollars. You can rely on our licensed agents for professional guidance from start to end.

Who's Nassau Life? How Are They Rated?

The best annuity rates are usually with mid-size companies like Nassau. Most large insurance conglomerates don’t have the flexibility to package assets offering the most competitive returns.

They are currently rated B+ with AM Best. It usually takes several months to move the needle with ratings agencies. This is the level we would expect with a young and growing insurance company. Nassau’s experience and significant assets under management will likely lead to upgrades in the future.

Policyholders can rest assured as they have over $27 billion dollars in assets and $1.2 billion in surplus capital. And they folded Phoenix Life, founded in 1852, into their group. This helps with product design, asset management and experience.

Beyond fixed annuity accounts, Nassau also offers life insurance, Medicare Supplements, reinsurance, and asset management. They are well diversified and capitalized for the long haul.

Why Consider Fixed Annuities?

4 & 6 year annuityFixed annuity accounts are widely regarded as some of the safest and most secure investment vehicles you can own.

Your rates are fixed for the term. Your funds are insured up to $250,000 in most states. Your growth is stable. You cannot lose principal or interest.

You can withdraw monthly income from your account. You can also take advantage of compounding growth through tax deferral. Once the term is up, you can use the IRS approved 1035 Exchange rule to invest in a new annuity tax-free. Or you can withdraw all of your principal and gains to invest somewhere else.

Annuities also avoid probate by using designated beneficiaries. They are straightforward and simple investments for conservative investors. Annuities offer competitive rates of return, safety, security and compounding growth. That’s why people invest in annuity accounts every day.

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