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Medicare Supplement Plans In West Virginia

West Virginia Medicare Supplement InsuranceOur independent insurance agency offers Medicare supplement insurance in West Virginia direct from several providers.

Using our services you can view rates, compare renewal history and enroll online direct hassle-free.

We make it easy for our clients. We’ll show you the direct rates from several competing carriers while also providing information and education about the various Medigap plans available.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Information

If you are new to Medicare, you might need help from an expert. There are several supplements to choose from and it’s hard to know which policies offer the best value. We can help you better understand your options. We’ll take the time to explain the rules, regulations, and nuances of Medicare supplements.

In our experience, the most popular Medigap plans are F, G and N. We are seeing much more demand for Plan G as Plan F will be phased out for new members in 2020. Plans G and N also tend to have smaller yearly rate increases as well.

And some of our clients prefer High Deductible Plan F. It’s one of the least expensive plans available and can be found for under $40 a month in many cases.

It’s important to note that no supplements sold today offer prescription drug coverage. Those are stand-alone policies that must be purchased separately. We also help our clients compare and enroll in the Part D drug plan best for their needs.

Spousal And Household Discounts On Supplements

When shopping for Medigap insurance in West Virginia, you may want to speak with an independent agent. There is no extra cost and we can help you find discounts and savings on your choice of coverage.

Several insurance companies offer both spousal and household discounts on their plans. In some cases, only one applicant is needed to get the discount. In others, you only need to live with someone else to qualify for a household discount.

When you contact our agency, it’s like you’ve called dozens of Medicare supplement providers at once. We will provide insight into the plan and each carrier so that you are better able to narrow down your options. We help make it simple for our clients.

West Virginia Medicare Facts & Figures

There are over 430,000 people on Medicare in WV. Not all will own a supplement. Some will still be on group coverage while others will choose lower-cost Medicare Advantage plans.

In order to enroll in a Medicare supplement in West Virginia, you will need to be eligible for Part A and enrolled in Part B. You can start the process as early as three months before your Part B effective date. You’ll have 6 months after this date to secure coverage without medical underwriting required.

There are several insurance companies offering coverage. They all have to offer the same benefits on the same plan. In other words, a Plan G is a Plan G. They cannot differ. And they all use the same network. If your doctor or hospital accepts Medicare, then they’ll accept the supplement you choose as well.

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Our agency is fully independent. We will help you shop for the Medicare supplement, Part D drug, or Advantage plan that best suits your needs and budget. We serve the entire state of West Virginia. Contact us today to get started!