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Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans In Texas

Texas Medicare Supplement InsuranceWe offer Medicare supplement insurance plans and quotes in Texas from all highly-rated companies direct and hassle-free.

We are your one-stop shop for comparing the lowest rates from all carriers in TX side by side.

We represent Accendo, Aetna, Allstate, American National Life, Bankers Fidelity, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Central States Indemnity, Cigna, Combined, Continental Life, GTL, Heartland National, Humana, Liberty Bankers, Manhattan Life, Medico, Mutual of Omaha, National Guardian, Sentinel Life, United American, United Healthcare AARP, and many others.

Comparing Medicare Supplement Insurance Rates

Using our independent insurance agency, you can quickly compare Medicare supplemental prices from several competing companies. It’s wise to use an independent brokerage like ours to learn about spousal discounts, preferred rates, and the most affordable billing methods. There are ways to save money on your insurance.

Supplemental prices in Texas are controlled by law, so you will not find better Medigap rates from the same carrier either online or in person. We diligently work with our clients to help them enroll in the most affordable coverage that best suits their needs. We will also review your rates on your annual renewal to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

We are a full-service agency. We offer Medicare supplements, Part D Drug, Medicare Advantage, dental, vision, and other lines of insurance. You can finalize all of your insurance plans in one place knowing we provide ongoing support in the future. There are no extra costs for our services. We bring all plans to you direct!

2021 Medicare Supplement Benefits Chart

Medicare Supplement:ABCDFGKLMN*
Basic Benefits
Parts A and B Blood50%75%
Part B Coinsurance50%75%
Part A Hospice Coinsurance50%75%
Skilled Nursing Coinsurance50%75%
Part A Deductible50%75%50%
Part B Deductible
Part B Excess
Foreign Travel Emergency

Key: A ✓ means the benefit on the left is covered by the corresponding supplement up top. For example, Plan G checks all boxes except for the Part B deductible – so it covers all gaps in Medicare Parts A & B except for the $198 Part B deductible. *Plan N has $20 Dr’s office and $50 ER copays.

Most Popular Supplement Plans F, G and N In Texas

There are ten modernized Medicare supplement plans to choose from. Each plan offers a different level of coverage. You can fill in all gaps – or just the big ones. We’ll help you find the best value.

Plan F is the most comprehensive policy. It fills in all gaps in Medicare and is therefore popular. Plan G covers everything but the Part B deductible and has very little in out-of-pocket expenses. Plan N is just a step below Plan G – it requires office and emergency room copays the others do not. Lately, we see more demand for Plan G and Plan N over Plan F.

There are a couple of reasons for this, but it’s primarily because Medicare supplement Plans G and N offer better value. In Texas, the rates can be $20-$30 less a month. And Plan F is no longer offered to new Medicare beneficiaries. This change may result in larger premium increases on Plan F.

And if you’re new to Medicare in 2020, Plans C, F, and HD Plan F will be unavailable for purchase. The next most comprehensive plans are G, D, and High Deductible Plan G.

There are also supplemental Plans K, L, and M. They require more cost sharing by the insured, but do offer lower monthly premiums. As with most insurance policies, the less expensive the plan, the more out-of-pocket exposure. We don’t see as much interest in these three policies.

Other lower-cost options include “Select Medicare Supplement Plans” which require the insured to use a network of doctors and hospitals for regular care. Premiums will be less for Medicare Select plans. Care received outside of the network will not be covered unless it’s for emergency services. Only a few companies offer Medigap Select Plans. Many traditional policies can be found at the same cost -so Select policies are not popular.

High Deductible Plans G and F are also available from a limited number of supplemental providers. Benefits will not begin until a $3,470 deductible (for 2023) has been met. Premiums are very affordable with High Deductible Medicare Supplements. Some can be found for as little as $40 a month in some areas of Texas. These are great options for those who don’t want a Medicare Advantage plan.

The Texas Department of Insurance offers valuable Medicare information and brochures. Click here to view them. You should also know that new supplements are being introduced all the time. We keep up with these new offerings so you can separate the known from the unknown. We will discuss rate increase history and company reputations with you as well.

Six Month Medicare Open Enrollment Window At Age 65

Medicare open enrollment occurs at age 65 for most. It can begin sooner if you qualify early due to disability – or later if you defer Medicare Part B because you still have employer-based group insurance.

It includes the three months before, the month of, and three months after your Part B effective date. This is the time to purchase a Medicare supplement, Part D, or Medicare Advantage plan.

During open enrollment, any Medicare supplement insurance plan available in TX can be purchased without medical underwriting. There are no waiting periods for preexisting conditions – and no health questions to answer.

Outside of your one-time 7-month window, you can be turned down for a Medicare supplement plan due to poor health. If you’re not sure about how these rules work, then call us. There is a lot of misinformation that will create problems for those who don’t abide by Medicare’s timelines.

If you are losing group health coverage after age 65, you will also be afforded an open enrollment window. It is very important to take advantage of your open enrollment window in order to avoid medical underwriting, enrollment delays, and financial penalties. If applying outside of open enrollment, the supplemental insurance provider can ask you about your health history and ultimately turn you down for coverage.

If you are under age 65 and approved for Medicare due to disability, then you can purchase Plan A in Texas. In some areas, High Deductible Plans G & F will be available as well. Insurance companies are allowed to charge higher rates for those under age 65, so a Medicare Advantage plan might be a good choice. We can help you compare your best Medicare supplements with the Advantage plans available in your county of residence.

Medicare Supplements & Part D Drug Coverage

Part D Drug plans are another piece of the Medicare puzzle. There are stand-alone prescription drug plans to be paired with your Medicare supplement coverage. (Some Medicare Advantage plans include drug coverage, but Medicare supplements and Part D plans must be sold separately.)

Oftentimes these two plans can be purchased from the same provider (like United Healthcare AARP or Blue Cross Blue Shield for example) but they will always be separate policies. It’s wise to shop for your drug coverage independent of your Medigap supplement policy. Your best options will depend on the Rxs you take and your preferred pharmacy.

You’ll also want to compare all of your Part D options during the AEP Open Enrollment window each fall. This window runs from Oct. 15th – Dec. 7th. This is a very easy way to save money by finding the most suitable plan for next year.

We can help you compare all of the Part D drug plans based on the current prescriptions you take and your pharmacy of choice. If you are on very few prescriptions – or none at all – then we will help you find the least expensive plan. This way you won’t later encounter the Late Enrollment Penalty. This lifetime penalty is a financial burden for those who went without coverage for any amount of time.

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