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Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans In Missouri

Missouri Medicare Supplement InsuranceUsing our independent brokerage, you can compare Missouri Medicare supplement insurance quotes direct from several carriers. We can also help you understand the differences between each plan.

We represent dozens of the most competitive companies, including: Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Aetna, Americo, Cigna, Combined, GPM, Humana, Manhattan Life, Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica, United American, United Healthcare AARP and many others.

If you are near age 65 and in open enrollment, new to Medicare disability, or looking to reduce your monthly premiums during your yearly anniversary window – we can help.

Comparing Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Currently, there are ten modernized Medicare supplement insurance plans labeled A through N. Plan A only covers basic benefits while Plan F fills in all gaps of Original Medicare Parts A & B. While this may seem like a lot, we only see interest in about 3-4 plans usually.

In Missouri, Medigap Plans F, G, and N are the most popular (and most often purchased) supplements when coupled with prescription Part D drug coverage. And since Plan F is no longer  for sale to those eligible for Medicare in 2020 and after, we see a lot more demand for Plans G and N. Many experts are forecasting above average increases on existing F plans due to this change.

A few insurance providers offer a High Deductible Plan G and F. HD Plan G (and F) provides coverage once the annual deductible of $2,340 (for 2020) is met. These High Deductible Medicare supplements are popular due to their affordable rates – as low as $40 a month in some cases. Unlike traditional Plans G and F, High Deductible supplements tend to have very low increases.

A few carriers offer “Select plans” that require the insured to use a predetermined network of doctors and hospitals for non-emergency care. Assuming the insured stays in network, these plans are less expensive than traditional supplements. We don’t see too much demand for Select supplemental plans.

Finding A Medicare Supplement During Open Enrollment

If you are newly enrolled into Medicare Parts A and B at age 65, you cannot be denied any Medigap policy due to your health history – all plans are available for purchase. This is known as the open enrollment window and lasts approximately six months. This window includes the three months on either side of your 65th birthday month.

Some insurance companies will extend your window an additional 3 months. This means you can purchase coverage without medical underwriting up to 6 months beyond your 65th birthday. Most of our clients have their supplemental plans begin at the first of the month at age 65 when they are first eligible.

If you are retiring and losing group health insurance, you can also purchase a Medicare supplement without medical underwriting. However, not all plans will be issued on a guaranteed basis – it depends on when you enrolled in Medicare Part B. If you’re new to Medicare Part B, then you can purchase any plan you want without needing to answer health questions. If you’re Part B has been in effect for longer than 6 months, then some plans may require medical underwriting.

It is wise to speak with your HR department and/or a knowledgeable insurance agent when you’re thinking of enrolling in Part B. This way you can make sure you are not limiting any of your options. Some people make the mistake of buying into Part B unnecessarily when they can keep their employer based group coverage and defer Medicare until retirement.

Missouri Medicare Supplements For Those On Disability

If you have recently become eligible for Medicare due to disability, you can purchase a Medicare supplement plan in Missouri. You will have a 6 month open enrollment window when your Part B becomes effective. Insurance companies can charge slightly higher premiums for those under age 65, but reasonable rates on all plans can be found with us.

If you miss your 6 month open enrollment window, then medical underwriting will be required and you can be turned down for coverage. If you find that traditional supplements are too expensive, then a Medicare Advantage plan might be a good alternative. We can you compare the benefits and costs with Advantage plans as well.

Our clients on Medicare due to disability also ask if they’ll get another chance to purchase a supplement at age 65. The answer is, Yes. That’s good news for those who missed their Open Enrollment window for some reason – or if they wish to leave their Medicare Advantage coverage and find a less expensive supplement.

Yearly Anniversary Open Enrollment Window In MO

Missouri is unique as it offers a yearly anniversary window when you can purchase a new Medicare supplement without medical underwriting. The window begins 30 days before your policy anniversary date and lasts 30 days after.

During this period of time you can switch to “like or lesser coverage” with no health questions asked. For example:  If you own a Plan F, you would be allowed to purchase to a new Plan F (or Plan G or N as they are lesser) with another insurance provider without the need for medical underwriting. You could not move up the ladder from a Plan G to a Plan F, however. In this case, medical underwriting would be required as that would be an increase in coverage – not a decrease.

Your new insurance company has to accept you during your anniversary window. They cannot deny coverage nor impose any waiting periods on preexisting conditions so long as you are going to a like or lesser plan. You will be required to show proof that your existing coverage is in-force and paid-up. Many states have no such anniversary rule – so this is a great way to lower your supplemental premiums in Missouri each year.

It’s also important to know that Missouri is an Issue Age state for Medicare supplement insurance. Your rates cannot increase as you get older. They can only go up with normal yearly increases passed on (and approved by the Missouri Department of Insurance) each year. You can not be singled out for an increase either. When an insurance company raises rates, they do so for everyone in your block of business. As and aside, we see Plan G and Plan N rates increase less quickly than Plan F in most cases.

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