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Medicare Supplement Insurance In Mississippi

Mississippi Medicare Supplement PlansOur independent agency offers Medicare supplement insurance in Mississippi from several different carriers direct to you. We will help you compare the lowest rates available with the leading carriers in your zip code.

Whether you are new to Medicare and need help understanding your options or if you’re simply shopping for the best rates, we can help. We are your one-stop shop for comparing insurance benefits, premiums and policies.

Comparing Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

There are ten Medicare supplements to choose from: Plans A-N. Each plans offers a varying amount of coverage filling in some of the gaps in Original Medicare A & B.

Plan F is the most comprehensive policy and fills in all gaps in Medicare. In other words, if you encounter a Medicare approved expense, Plan F pays for the rest.

Plans G and N are also popular as they cover the most common gaps and have few out-of-pocket expenses. Most of our clients compare the premiums and the benefits of each plan in order to find the one that best suits their needs and budget.

Another popular low cost supplement is High Deductible Plan F. It covers everything that traditional Plan F does, but has a deductible ($2,300 in 2019) that must first be met first. Monthly premiums with HD Plan F are some of the lowest of any policy available.

Buying Medigap Insurance During Open Enrollment

When you turn 65 (or are new to Medicare Part B) you have six month open enrollment window when you can purchase any supplement without medical underwriting. There are no waiting periods for preexisting conditions and insurance companies cannot charge you higher rates due to your health history.

If you have previously enrolled in Medicare Part B and are losing group health insurance, then you are in a period of “guarantee issue.” During this window of time, you can purchase most supplements without underwriting, but not all. In most cases, your employer will provide a letter of “guaranteed Medicare rights” that you can provide to the chosen insurance company to guarantee acceptance.

Medicare Plans For Those Under Age 65 In Mississippi

If you are under age 65 and new to Medicare Part B due to disability (or involuntarily losing group coverage) then you can also purchase a Medicare supplement plan in MS. Insurance companies are allowed to charge you higher rates until you reach age 65, however. You can also purchase a Part D prescription drug plan no questions asked. It’s important to explore all of you options right away when Medicare Part B become your primary coverage.

If a traditional supplement is too expensive, then you might also consider Medicare Advantage plans. These policies usually cost less and most include Part D Rx coverage. These are network-driven plans offered by insurance companies like Aetna, Humana and United Healthcare and they work best when you stay in network for medical care. There’s a lot to know about Advantage plans and we can help you understand how they are different from supplements.

Comparing Medicare Prescription Drug Part D Insurance

There are no Medicare supplement plans sold today that offer prescription drug insurance. If you wish to purchase Part D Rx Coverage (and avoid the late enrollment penalty) we can help you compare all available plans in your area to see which ones provide the most value.

It is not a one size fits all proposition with Part D policies. Your best options will depend on the prescriptions you take and your preferred pharmacy or mail order provider. If you take no prescriptions or only a few generics, then we can help you find the least expensive plan to fit your needs.

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We are a full-service Medicare supplement brokerage serving all of Mississippi.  We will help you compare the direct rates with several insurance companies side by side. Additionally, we help our clients with Part D drug plans and Medicare Advantage policies as well. Contact us today to get started.