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Medicare Supplement Plans In California

Medicare Supplement Plans in CaliforniaWe offer California Medicare Supplement insurance plans direct to our clients. With our independent agency, you can compare the lowest rates from several affordable Medigap insurance providers side by side.

Our providers include: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Combined, Humana, Manhattan Life, Mutual of Omaha, National General, Loyal American, Sentinel Life, Thrivent, Transamerica, United American, United Healthcare and many others.

If you are age 65 and eligible for Medicare, been accepted into Medicare Disability, or shopping for better rates during your yearly anniversary (birthday month), then we can assist you. Currently AARP United Healthcare, Anthem, Mutual of Omaha and Transamerica are offering some of the best rates in CA.

Comparing Medicare Supplement Plans & Rates

There are ten Medicare insurance plans to choose from: A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N. Plan A covers only basic benefits while Plan F fills in all the gaps not covered by Original Medicare.

In California, plans F, G, and N are popular as they fill in the most common gaps. Some companies also offer a High Deductible Plan G and F. Before High Deductible Plan benefits begin, you would need to reach a $2,340 deductible for 2020. High Deductible Plans F are popular for their very low premiums.

Plans K and L are two other less expensive options that require the insured to cover more in out of pocket expenses should claims arise – much like Medicare Advantage plans. Unlike Advantage coverage, Plans K and L do not have network restrictions, however.

And there have been some recent changes. If you’re new to Medicare in 2020 and beyond, Plans F, C and HD F are unavailable for purchase. The next most comprehensive options are Plans G, N, D and HD Plan G. We can help you sort this out.

Plans M and N are also affordable options in the Medicare supplement marketplace. They require more cost sharing than traditional insurance options like F and G, but have lower monthly premiums. Of the two, Plan N is more comprehensive and more popular with our clients.

Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Window

If you are newly or soon to be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B, you are eligible to purchase a Medigap insurance policy. You cannot be denied coverage due to health history or preexisting conditions. This is known as the open enrollment period and includes the three months before, month of, and 6 months after your 65th birthday.

Medical underwriting is not required and no health related questions are asked. There are no waiting periods for your coverage to being. Additionally, if you are involuntarily losing group health insurance after age 65, you are eligible to purchase a supplemental policy without medical underwriting. There are no waiting periods for preexisting conditions when purchasing coverage during your open enrollment or guarantee issue windows.

Medicare Disability And Medigap Plans Under Age 65

Those under age 65 in California and eligible for Medicare Part B due to disability also have a six month open enrollment window to purchase supplemental coverage. Plan availability will differ from company to company, but all carriers must offer Plans A, B, G and D.

If coverage is not purchased during your six month open enrollment window, then underwriting may be necessary and you can be denied coverage. Insurance companies are allowed to charge you more if you are under age 65 however. Rates can vary quite a bit, but the benefits will be the same as if you were 65 or older. Plans with the same letter must offer the same benefits.

California Medicare Supplement Anniversary Rule

Once you have purchased a Medicare supplement in California, you have the opportunity each year during your birthday month to enroll in a new plan. The rule allows you to purchase “like or lesser” coverage with no health questions asked. If you are enrolled in Plan F for instance, you can move to a new Plan F (or lesser plan, like G) with a different insurance company. No waiting periods or preexisting conditions exclusions will apply.

You can lower your monthly premiums by taking advantage of the birthday month rule if your rates have risen significantly. This open enrollment window typically ends one month after your birthday and is sometimes referred to as the “anniversary rule.” It is unique to California and not available in most other states.

It’s wise to work with an independent brokerage when purchasing Medicare supplement insurance in CA. We can help you compare rates with several providers and shop for less expensive plans each year. There are always new carriers and oftentimes they offer lower rates than their competition.

Those under age 65 can also invoke the anniversary birthday rule to purchase like or lesser coverage at a reduced rate each year without proving insurability. If you move to a lesser plan however, there are no guarantees that you can move back to more comprehensive coverage later.

Contact Our Independent Insurance Agency

Our independent brokerage offers Medicare supplement insurance in all of California. Prices are controlled by law, so you will not find better rates online, in person or by calling each company on your own.

With our agency, you can compare the direct rates from several highly rated carriers like Mutual of Omaha, AARP United Healthcare, Transamerica Life and many others side by side. Contact us today!