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Medicare Supplement Plans In Arizona

Arizona Medicare Supplement InsuranceOur independent agency offers Medicare supplement insurance in Arizona online and directly from several affordable providers. You can compare benefits, rates, and renewals from several highly-rated providers.

We represent several carriers, including Aetna, Allstate, American Continental, Amerigroup, Anthem, Cigna, Central States, Humana, Lumico, Manhattan Life, Mutual of Omaha, National General, United Healthcare AARP, and many others.

If you are near age 65 and in open enrollment, losing employer coverage, or shopping for better rates – we can help. Currently Aetna, Humana, and United Healthcare AARP are offering very competitive rates in Arizona.

Comparing Supplement Insurance Benefits & Plans

The ten supplemental plans offered are A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N. Plan A only covers basic benefits while Plan F provides the most comprehensive coverage. Plans F, G, and N are popular as they fill in the most significant gaps in Medicare.

Some providers also offer High Deductible Plan G and F policies. The deductible in 2023 is $3,470. High Deductible Plans G & F are good options for those who want low monthly premiums with more out-of-pocket exposure.

Monthly premiums will vary from company to company for the same plan, but the benefits and network options are always the same. In other words, a Plan G is a Plan G no matter the insurance company. You have access to the same benefits and doctors with all plans. This is why most of our clients shop on cost, reliability, and renewal history.

By working with an independent agency like ours, you can compare the lowest Medicare supplement insurance rates available in your area of Arizona. We will also provide guidance as to historical rate increases and any available premium discounts.

We have provided an online Medicare supplement benefit comparison chart where you can view the benefits provided by all ten available Medicare supplement plans.

And if you’re new to Medicare in 2020 or after, Plans C, F, and HD F are not available for purchase due to new rules. The next most comprehensive options are Plans G, D, N, and High Deductible Plan G.

Supplemental Plans G & Plan N Offer Good Value

In our experience, Plans G and N offer the best value to those age 65 or older in Arizona. Plan G has only one gap (the $226 Part B deductible for 2023) and can be $25 less than Plan F in many cases. Plan N is not a Guaranteed Issue policy like Plan G. Rates tend to increase more slowly with Plan N.

Plan N was introduced years ago when CMS modernized Medicare supplement plans. Plan N does not cover the Part B Deductible or the rarely experienced Part B Excess Charges. It also has a $20 doctor’s office and a $50 emergency room copay. Plan N premiums can be well under $100 a month for many consumers. Aetna, Humana, and AARP United Healthcare offer affordable N plans in AZ.

If you are under age 65 in Arizona and eligible for Medicare Part B due to disability, you will have very few Medicare supplement options. We typically recommend Medicare Advantage plans as they may be the only choice. We’ll help you better understand Advantage policies to see if they are suitable for your health care needs.

Using Your Medicare Insurance Open Enrollment Window

When turning age 65 – or first enrolling in Medicare Part B – you will be in your 7-month open enrollment window. However, you may be able to defer your Part B enrollment if you still have group insurance at work. Your group must have more than 20 employees for this to work. If you’re not sure then ask your HR manager or talk with an agent.

It is always wise to talk with someone knowledgeable as you approach age 65 or when you first enroll in Medicare Part B. We see consumers make costly mistakes when they don’t know the rules and timelines for Medicare enrollment.

Upon retirement, you should have a new open enrollment period to purchase a Medigap plan without underwriting. If you do not take advantage of either your open enrollment or guaranteed issue periods of time, then medical underwriting may be necessary. Insurance companies can deny your application if you have health issues and you’re applying outside of these designated windows.

Where We Offer Medicare Supplement Insurance

Our independent insurance brokerage covers all of Arizona including Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, Mesa, and Flagstaff. We represent all carriers direct to you – at no additional cost. We take the hassle out of shopping for supplemental insurance while also helping you better understand all of your options.