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How to Get Ohio Group Health Insurance When You Are Self-Employed

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Self-employment offers freedom and the ability to control your workflow independently. But this means giving up benefits provided by employers, such as group health insurance and a pension plan. Or does it? Discover how to get Ohio group health insurance when you are self-employed.

ohio group health insuranceWhat is Ohio Group Health Insurance?

A business purchases group health insurance for a large group of employees. And some employers cover the full cost, and others require employees to pay all or part of the cost of coverage. Often group health insurance costs less because the risk is spread over the group of employees. A single policy covers the group. And sometimes an option is offered to get insurance for dependents.

Are There Types of Group Health Insurance?

There are different types of Ohio group health insurance, whether purchased by an employee or other organization. Get to know the differences to make the right choice. And these options include:

  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) do not require participants to choose a primary care doctor. And this means more freedom to choose any doctor. However, doctors outside the network may have less coverage, requiring a higher co-pay from the participant.
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) require enrollees to choose a primary care doctor. This doctor is the main point of contact. And referrals are required to see other specialists. Enrollees must choose doctors in the network. Providers outside the network are usually not covered. However, emergencies might be an exception.
  • Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) are a combination of PPO and HMO plans. And while the enrollee usually does not have to choose a primary care doctor, there is often no coverage outside the company’s network of medical providers.
  • Point of Service (POS) and others plans, such a Health Savings Accounts, offer different levels of coverage. And sometimes out-of-pocket costs are steep. Always research these options carefully.

What are the Advantages of Having Group Health Insurance?

Employers and employees both benefit from having group health insurance. And employees have access to coverage at discounted rates. Pre-existing conditions are covered once the employee has satisfied their waiting period – up to 90 days maximum. And coverage may also be available for dependents. Employers attract talented employees by offering superior benefits in a competitive job market. And employees are often healthier and miss less work when they have coverage to see a doctor.

How Do I Get Group Health Insurance When Self-Employed?

Nearly half the workforce in the United States works remotely. And many of these people are also self-employed. And they need health insurance, too. Fortunately, employers are not the only resource for group health insurance. Many freelancers join industry-related organizations to gain access to group health insurance.

And others join groups related to age, location, or other personal situations. And examples include AARP, Writers Guild of America,  and the National Association of the Self-Employed. Or supplemental plans are available through the Small Business Service Bureau and other groups. Beginning in 2019, Association type plans may be available for both self employed and groups. These plans can be purchased across state lines and will offer several new options to those who wish to avoid ACA Exchange coverage.

What About the Government Offerings?

Some self-employed people might be considered small businesses when it comes to accessing government coverage offerings. Consider no- and low-cost options such as Medicaid and CHIP programs. And the SHOP Marketplace might offer options based on the company status and income. People freelancing between jobs may qualify for COBRA insurance. And others might want short-term insurance to get basic coverages while shopping around for a more comprehensive plan. With a variety of options, there is an affordable choice available for almost everyone.

Shopping for health insurance can be confusing and frustrating to try to navigate when you are self-employed. Consult with a knowledgeable Ohio insurance agent to help you get the right policy for your budget and situation.

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