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Health Care Reform in 2008

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The final presidential debate of 2008 highlighted the stark differences between the two candidates health care plans. In a nutshell, Senator McCain favors tax cuts, choice and portability while Senator Obama is looking for an increase in corporate and government responsibility. Either way, it may be years before any significant legislation is passed to reform health care in the United States.  Our government is running enormous yearly deficits and will continue to do so – especially considering the most recent $700 billion bailout for Wall Street.

Obama’s plan will have significant costs if a centralized federal pool is created and McCain’s plan for government tax credits will essentially mean less tax revenue for the treasury. It is difficult to determine where these additional funds might materialize during such difficult economic times.

Are you Waiting to Buy Coverage?

The point of the story is if you are waiting to purchase a health insurance plan for you, your family, or your small business, then it could be a long wait.  Health care reform is more than a couple of years away and at that time, it is nearly impossible to guess what shape it may take. Consider that the current President Bush could not pass Medicare reform until his second term. These are “hot button” issues and our elected officials are reluctant to pass legislation that may affect their time in office.

It is cliche, but there is no time like the present to enroll in a health insurance plan.  You may need care before Congress and the President have done anything to increase access to affordable health coverage.

There is no doubt that health insurance provides significant peace of mind to individuals, families, and groups who elect coverage.  Premiums can be tailored to fit almost any budget. After all, insurance is for the unknown. Consumers who wait may severely limit their options.  Purchase a health insurance plan today and rest easy.  Reform is most likely years away.

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